Meaning of BRIDGE in English


1. In communications networks, a device that (a) links or routes signals from one ring or bus to another or from one network to another, (b) may extend the distance span and capacity of a single LAN system , (c) performs no modification to packets or messages, (d) operates at the data - link layer of the OSI--Reference Model (Layer 2), (e) reads packets, and (f) passes only those with addresses on the same segment of the network as the originating user . ( 188 ) 2. A functional unit that interconnects two local area networks that use the same logical link control procedure, but may use different medium access control procedures. 3. A balanced electrical network, e.g. , a Wheatstone bridge. Note: A bridge may be used for electrical measurements, especially resistances or impedances. 4. See hybrid coil .

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