Meaning of BLUE in English


I. ˈblü adjective

( usually -er/-est )

Etymology: Middle English bleu, blew, from Old French blo, blou, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German blāo blue, Old Norse blār dark blue, livid; akin to Latin flavus yellow, Old English bǣl fire, pyre — more at bald


a. : of the color blue

blue violets

as blue as a sapphire

b. : having the color of the clear sky or the deep sea

the blue firmament

the blue ocean


a. : tinged with blue : bluish

the blue haze of tobacco smoke

blue as a vein

the blue mountains

the milk was blue

the candle burned blue

blue lightning

b. of the skin : livid especially with cold or from a blow

a face blue from the damp — T.B.Costain

c. of the coat of an animal : bluish gray

a short-haired blue cat


a. : low in spirits : melancholy , depressed

she was blue and lonesome and half sick — J.B.Benefield

b. : productive of low spirits : unpromising , depressing

things looked blue for them


a. : wearing blue

the painting is called “The Blue Boy”

b. : having blue as a distinguishing color

the blue team defeated the red team

c. : of or relating to a blue lodge of Freemasons

blue Masonry

5. of a woman : really or affectedly learned : intellectual

the ladies were very blue and well-informed — W.M.Thackeray

6. : characterized by or derived from rigid morals : puritanical

a blue Sunday city by local option — James Street


a. : characterized by indecency or obscenity : off-color , risqué

the same joke each time — and a bit bluer than anything Charlie had ever heard before in mixed company — J.B.Priestley

b. : characterized by or filled with cursing and swearing : profane

blue language

shop owners turned the air blue at a mass meeting — Time

8. : extreme , complete — used as an intensive

the very name … put her in a blue fear — R.L.Stevenson

9. : relating to, suggesting, or suited to blues singing or playing

blue- voiced

a blue song

- blue in the face

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English bleu, blew, from bleu, blew, adjective


a. : a color whose hue is that of the clear sky or that of the portion of the color spectrum lying between green and violet

b. : the one of the four psychologically primary hues that is evoked in the average normal observer under normal conditions by radiant energy of the wavelength 475 millimicrons

c. : one of the six psychologically primary object colors


a. : any of certain varieties of gray having a bluish appearance — used especially of pelage or plumage colors in dogs, cats, and poultry

b. : an animal having a coat of such a blue


a. : a pigment or dye that colors blue

b. : bluing 2


a. : blue clothing or cloth

the boys in blue

b. : one wearing blue or belonging to an organization or party whose uniform or badge is blue

next time you see the blue ashore — Rudyard Kipling



(1) : sky

boomerangs that were once hurled into the blue — A.J.Toynbee

(2) : the far distance : space

chuck up Seville and go off somewhere into the blue — William Sansom

b. : sea , ocean

the Marianas were right out in the blue — Fletcher Pratt

6. : an object that is blue in color or that belongs to a group whose characteristic color is blue

pieces of Nanking blue

the poker player bought a stack of blues


[by shortening]

: bluestocking


a. : a student who represents Oxford or Cambridge University in athletic contests and is awarded the right to wear the university color

was an Oxford blue in cricket

b. : the right to wear such a university color

won his blue in tennis at Cambridge

9. : any of numerous small chiefly blue butterflies of the family Lycaenidae


a. : the blue third circle of an archery target

b. : a shot that hits such a circle

11. : first place or first prize : blue ribbon

won the blue at the horse show

12. : blue cheese

13. Australia : an argument or fight

he got mixed up in a blue

- out of the blue

III. verb

( blued ; blued ; blueing or bluing ; blues )

Etymology: blue (I)

transitive verb

1. : to make blue in color: as

a. : to dye or paint blue

b. : to apply bluing to

c. : to make blue (as steel, rifle barrels, or razor blades) by heating in air, steam, or appropriate chemicals — see blue heat

2. slang Britain : to spend lavishly or wastefully : squander

while they've got money they blue it — Ngaio Marsh

intransitive verb

: to turn blue

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