Meaning of CRYSTAL in English


I. ˈkrist ə l noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English cristal, from Old French, from Latin crystallum, from Greek krystallos — more at crust

1. obsolete : clear ice

2. : quartz that is transparent or nearly so and that is either colorless or only slightly tinged ; also : a piece of this material (as one cut for personal ornament or for use in magic art) — called also rock crystal ; compare cairngorm , pebble 2; crystal gazing

3. : something (as clear water) resembling crystal in transparency and colorlessness


a. : a body formed by the solidification under favorable conditions of a chemical element, a compound, or an isomorphous mixture and having a regularly repeating internal arrangement of its atoms ; especially : such a body that has natural external plane faces as a result of the internal structure

b. : a substance having certain properties of crystals — see liquid crystals


a. : glass of superior quality and often with ornamental cutting : flint glass ; also : a piece of this material

a fine dinner set of crystal

b. : a colorless transparent diamond

6. : the glass or transparent plastic that covers the dial of a watch or clock


a. : a crystalline material used in a sharply tuned electromechanical transducer often as a frequency-determining element : a quartz plate

b. : a class of detector in a radio receiver

II. adjective

Etymology: Middle English cristal, from cristal, n.

1. : consisting of or resembling crystal : crystalline , clear , transparent , lucid

crystal streams

the crystal clearness of his arguments


a. : relating to or using a crystal

a crystal radio receiver

b. : utilizing a Rochelle salt or other crystal as the basic conversion mechanism — used especially of a microphone, phonograph pickup, or cutting head

III. transitive verb

( crystaled or crystalled ; crystaled or crystalled ; crystaling or crystalling ; crystals )

: to make into crystal : cover with crystal

the frost that crystaled it over

IV. noun

: ice 2 herein ; broadly : methamphetamine in any form when used illicitly

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