Meaning of CRYSTAL in English


— crystallike , adj.

/kris"tl/ , n., adj., v., crystaled, crystaling or ( esp. Brit. ) crystalled, crystalling .


1. a clear, transparent mineral or glass resembling ice.

2. the transparent form of crystallized quartz.

3. Chem. , Mineral. a solid body having a characteristic internal structure and enclosed by symmetrically arranged plane surfaces, intersecting at definite and characteristic angles.

4. anything made of or resembling such a substance.

5. a single grain or mass of a crystalline substance.

6. glass of fine quality and a high degree of brilliance.

7. articles, esp. glassware for the table and ornamental objects, made of such a glass.

8. the glass or plastic cover over the face of a watch.

9. Radio.

a. the piece of germanium, silicon, galena, or the like forming the essential part of a crystal detector.

b. the crystal detector itself.

10. Electronics. a quartz crystal ground in the shape of a rectangular parallelepiped, which vibrates strongly at one frequency when electric voltages of that frequency are placed across opposite sides: used to control the frequency of an oscillator (crystal oscillator) , as of a radio transmitter.

11. Slang. any stimulant drug in powder form, as methamphetamine or PCP.


12. composed of crystal.

13. resembling crystal; clear; transparent.

14. Radio. pertaining to or employing a crystal detector.

15. indicating the fifteenth event of a series, as a wedding anniversary. See table under wedding anniversary .


16. to make into crystal; crystallize.

17. to cover or coat with, or as if with, crystal (usually fol. by over ).

[ bef. 1000; ME cristal ( le ), OE cristalla cristallum, L crystallum krýstallos clear ice, rock crystal, deriv. of krystaínein to freeze; see CRYO- ]

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