Meaning of DECLARATION in English

ˌdekləˈrāshən noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English declaracioun, from Middle French declaration, from Latin declaration-, declaratio, from declaratus (past participle of declarare to declare, explain) + -ion-, -io -ion — more at declare

1. : the act of declaring, proclaiming, or publicly announcing : explicit assertion : formal proclamation

decided that it would be wiser if he left the place till after the declaration of the poll — John Buchan

the declaration of an extra dividend


a. : the first pleading in a common-law action consisting of the plaintiff's statement in order and at large of his cause of complaint and demand for relief : the narration of the plaintiff's case containing a count or counts — compare allegation , bill , complaint 1d, libel

b. : a statement made or testimony given by a witness or by a party to a legal transaction usually not under oath

c. Scots law : the voluntary statement made by the accused at his preliminary examination in criminal proceedings, taken in writing, and signed by the accused, the judge, and witnesses


a. : something that is declared, proclaimed, or publicly announced : formal statement : avowal

a declaration of love spiced with a few harsh words — Atlantic

b. : the document containing such a declaration: as

(1) : a statement or document proclaiming the principles, aims, or policy of a public body

the Declaration of Independence

(2) : a statement listing property or goods liable to a tax or duty

(3) : a statement forming part of an insurance policy and containing information regarding the insurance risk


a. in card games : the act of declaring — compare call , meld


(1) : the make in bridge-whist

(2) : the final bid in auction bridge

(3) : the contract in contract bridge

c. : an announcement as to whether he will compete for high, low, or in some cases both high and low that each player in certain forms of high-low poker makes after the final call but before the showdown

5. : a formal withdrawal of a horse from a race

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