Meaning of GOOD in English


I. ˈgu̇d, in formulas of meeting & parting often _gəd adjective

( bet·ter ˈbed.ə(r), -etə- ; best ˈbest)

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English gōd; akin to Old High German guot good, Old Norse gōthr, Gothic goths good, Old Frisian gadia to unite, Old High German bi gatōn to fit together, gi gat fitting, Sanskrit gadh to hold fast; basic meaning: uniting, fitting



(1) : having a favorable or auspicious character : prosperous , beneficial

sailed for France with a good wind

when the moon is good … they often pursue the chase far into the night — James Stevenson-Hamilton

the country is enjoying good times

the company has had a good year

(2) : conveying or reporting what is favorable or fortunate : welcome

have you heard the good news

(3) : producing, marked by, or favorable to a bountiful yield or a yield of high quality : fertile

the land around here is not very good

wine of a good recent year

(4) : favorably affecting one's interests : leading to or attended by a favorable or prosperous outcome

as his good fortune would have it

wished him good luck

(5) : marked by or conveying approval or commendation

sought to win my good opinion

had a good report on his work

had not one good word to say about him

(6) : making a favorable impression with respect to moral character : inspiring trust

he had a good face; I instinctively liked him

(7) : making a favorable impression with respect to appearance or other physical traits : comely , attractive , beautiful

had a good face and figure

she's certainly good to look at

had lost her good looks

an early Georgian manor of distinguished good looks — H.H.Johnston

(8) : becoming , appropriate

don't like that dress … it isn't good for you — Elizabeth Hardwick

(9) : reserved for special occasions : not shabby or worn : best

he's got one good suit — James Sheldrake

she wore her good dress


(1) : adapted to the end designed or proposed : satisfactory in performance : free from flaws or defects : useful , suitable , fit

this light is good for reading

a good car

this liquor … will keep good for a long time — Encyc. Americana

is this fruit good to eat

(2) : not impaired : sound

this missing eye had more expression than the … good one — Vicki Baum

had to do everything with his one good arm

your hearing is good

enjoying good health

(3) : not downcast or dejected : amiably cheerful : sunny , smiling

found him in a good mood

his good humor is infectious

trying to put a good face on your wretchedness — William Black

(4) : not counterfeit : genuine

insisted the new car was financed with good money — Springfield (Massachusetts) Union

: not depreciated

bad money drives good money out of circulation

(5) : commercially sound or reliable

a good debt

a good risk

a good check

(6) : having a useful life of a specified duration : certain to last or live for a specified term — used with for

most swords … were good only for half a dozen hard blows — Tom Wintringham

the old fellow is good for another 30 years

from the feel of it, the storm would be good for three days — Robert Murphy

(7) : having the assured capacity or willingness to pay or contribute a specified amount — used with for

is good for a cool million

confident his friend would be good for a few hundred — Henry Miller

(8) : certain to elicit or produce a specified result — used with for

the very sound of the word was always good for a laugh — Alfred Kazin

that is good for a three months' debate by itself — New Republic

(9) : profitable , lucrative , advantageous

made a very good deal

— often used in the phrase good thing

knew they were onto a good thing — Bryan Morgan

and especially in the phrase make a good thing of

was supposed to be making a good thing out of it — Hamilton Basso

British authors … made a good thing of coming over here — Richard Joseph


(1) : suited to give or giving pleasure : agreeable , pleasant

all had a good time

a good dinner

we enjoyed your good company

(2) : tending to promote well-being or health : salutary , wholesome — used chiefly with for

sunshine and fresh air are good for one

this is good medicine for a cold

(3) : entertaining by its wit or sparkle : amusing , clever , funny

a good joke

he got off some good cracks

that's a good one


(1) : not small or insignificant : comfortably large : considerable

quite a good crowd down here today — Greville Texidor

outpointed the three-time national champion … by a good margin — Current Biography

made a good profit

(2) : allowing enough time and usually to spare : sufficiently early : ample

hoped to be … home in good time for 7:30 supper — Dorothy Sayers

help came in good season

(3) : full — used as a qualifier to indicate a quantity not less and generally greater than the stated figure

the earrings are a good inch long — Lois Long

she was making a good twenty-five knots — Wirt Williams

weighs a good 200 pounds — Current Biography

a good four hours nightly — Eleanor S. Lowman

(4) — used as an intensive

took to reading in good earnest

I have known him for a good many years

dealt him a good stiff blow

I didn't give a good continental — Eudora Welty

(5) : half resolved or fixed upon

I got a good mind not to tell you — J.G.Cozzens

she had a good notion to thrash the boy


(1) : having a basis in fact or logic : well-founded , cogent

had good reason to distrust him

offered some good arguments in debate

gave a good excuse for his lateness

(2) : not disproved or refuted — often used in the phrase hold good

it will hold good when hundreds of cleverer … systems have vanished — J.C.Powys

the same thing holds good for society at large — J.J.Chapman

(3) : not potential or possible but actual : existing in fact : real

the much-boosted prospect of oil … has not come good — Sydney (Australia) Bulletin

— often used in the phrase make good

has made his promises good

(4) : having binding effect or force : recognized, honored

this offer is good only on orders sent direct to the publisher — Current History

coupons good … at the local photographers — Current Biography

a refreshment coupon good for either a drink or a cigar — C.F.Wittke

a union member in good standing

(5) : valid or effectual for the transfer of title or the creation or vesting of rights

a good deed

a good tender

a good delivery

(6) : true 3b(1) ; also : valid 5

(7) : landing within the proper part of the court especially in racket and net games and therefore in play — used especially of a ball


(1) : conforming to the needs or requirements of the case : adequate , sufficient , satisfactory

took good care of his men

gave a good account of himself in battle

fetched him a good blow

made good speed on the homeward journey

sentimental history … revels in a good cry — Albert Guerard

made good use of his time

let me have a good look at you — T.B.Costain

(2) : conforming to or attaining a certain standard of correctness, competence, skill, or excellence

speaks good English

plays a good game of tennis

good but not brilliant verse

good manners

good form

(3) : discriminating , choice

he shows unerring good taste

(4) : better than average but short of excellent — used of scholastic work

(5) : containing more lean muscle and less fat than higher grades — used of meat, especially beef



(1) : conforming to a certain ideal or standard of morality or virtue : wholly commendable : virtuous , pure

good works

a truly good man

a good conscience

would only date good girls

good conduct is its own reward

specifically : possessing either absolute or intrinsic value

(2) : conforming to some abstract standard or ideal (as of prudent conduct or proper condition) : right , desirable , wise

do what you think good

it is not good to fritter away one's time

it is good to love and be loved

(3) : directed or tending toward the welfare of another : benevolent , friendly , amiable

be good enough to answer this letter promptly

did me a good turn

good intentions

you have my good wishes

sought to restore good feeling between England and her colonies

(4) : well-regarded : being without stain : fair , honorable

a good name

(5) : well-behaved : decorous

now, be a good boy

(6) : not sulky : not rancorous nor given to complaint : not troublesome : gracious

a good loser

a good patient


(1) : belonging to the aristocracy or socially distinguished class : noble , respectable

sardonic jabs at smug good families — Margaret Willis

good blood flowed in his veins — Frank Yerby

: conferring or enhancing social prestige or respectability

a comparatively new family … but had made good marriages — A.I.Macnaghten

would need an apartment with a good address — Morley Callaghan

(2) archaic : worshipful , worthy — used as a conventional epithet in addressing persons of high rank

(3) : dear , kind , excellent — used as a conventional epithet in courteous address or respectful reference

my good sir

(4) — used of a ship or town as a conventional epithet

the good town of Edinburgh

sailed on the good ship Enterprise

(5) chiefly Scotland : standing in the relationship of an in-law of a specified kind

good brother

good sister


(1) : having or demonstrating the qualities or skills requisite or appropriate in a specified capacity or occupation

a good doctor

a good soldier

a good housewife

(2) : competent , skillful , adroit

very good with children

good at tennis

very good at dancing

(3) : sound or faithful in doctrine or belief : orthodox

a good Catholic

- as good as

- as good as gold

- good and

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English gōd, from gōd, adjective


a. : something that possesses desirable qualities, promotes success, welfare, or happiness, or is otherwise beneficial

teach a child to know good from evil

b. : something that satisfies or commends itself to the ethical consciousness or is conceived as fitting in the moral order of the universe:

(1) : something that is either an end in itself or a means to such an end

among the concrete goods traditionally nominated for the position of highest good of all … are happiness and self-realization — Lucius Garvin

(2) : the character of human beings or of their attitudes, motives, and actions that is morally praiseworthy — compare ethics

c. : the good element or portion of anything

cherished the good in him, overlooking the bad

2. : advancement of interest or happiness : welfare , prosperity , advantage , benefit

worked for the good of the whole community

what is the good of idle debate


a. : a particular advantage or benefit : an object of desire or endeavor : something beneficial ; specifically : something that has economic utility or satisfies an economic want

b. goods plural : tangible movable personal property having intrinsic value usually excluding money and other choses in action but sometimes including all personal property and occasionally including vessels and even industrial crops or emblements, buildings, or other things affixed to real estate but agreed to be severed : chattels, wares, merchandise, food products, chemical compounds, and agricultural products

household goods

baked goods

c. goods plural but sometimes singular in construction : cloth — compare dress goods , dry goods

d. goods plural , Britain : freight

heavier classes of goods vehicles

a goods train

e. goods plural : the contents of the mash tub when the mashing process in brewing has been completed

f. : official grade for meat of medium quality


a. : good persons — used with the

the good die young

b. : one that is good

if it's any good you'll pay a lot for it

she was no particular good — Ethel Wilson

that's no good ; it won't work

I have no use for him; he's no good

5. goods plural but sometimes singular in construction

a. : something that comes up to expectations or requirements : the genuine article

a youthful work … but it is the goods — Arnold Bennett

b. : the qualities required of one or necessary to accomplish a desired end

that boy has the goods

c. : evidence or proof of wrongdoing

didn't have the goods on him — T.G.Cooke

- for good

- in good with

- to the good

III. adverb

( better “ ; best “)

Etymology: Middle English, from good, adjective


a. : in a satisfactory, competent, or adequate manner : well

he showed me how good I was doing — Herbert Gold

worked here once and did real good

don't you hear so good , teacher — W.B.Marsh

— not often in formal use

b. : prosperously , nicely

hope you … are well and getting along good — Walt Whitman

2. chiefly dialect : totally , thoroughly , completely

when it got good dark — F.B.Gipson

- as good

- as good as

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