Meaning of MILL in English


I. ˈmil noun

( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English mille, from Old English mylen; akin to Old High German mulī, mulin mill, Old Norse mylna; all from a prehistoric North Germanic-West Germanic word borrowed from Late Latin molina, molinum mill, from feminine and neuter of molinus of a mill, of a millstone, from Latin mola mill, millstone + -inus -ine; akin to Latin molere to grind — more at meal

1. : a building provided with machinery for grinding grain into flour

the never-failing brook, the busy mill — Oliver Goldsmith

mill sluice

the mill cannot grind with water that is past


a. : a machine for grinding grain : quern

two shall be grinding at the mill — Mt 24:41 (Revised Standard Version)

b. : a machine for crushing or comminuting some substance

coffee mill

bone mill

curd mill

c. : machinery for the hulling, cleaning, scouring, and polishing of rice kernels

d. : a factory or a machine for reducing hay to meal suitable for poultry and other stock

3. : a machine that manufactures by the continuous repetition of some simple action

operating a stamp mill

a pulverizing mill

4. : a building or collection of buildings with machinery by which the processes of manufacturing are carried on

textile mill

fulling mill

paper mill

mill hands were laid off


a. : a screw press formerly used for stamping coins that raised and marked or serrated the edge as it struck the coin

b. : a machine for expelling juice from vegetable tissues by pressure or grinding

cider mill

cane mill

c. : a machine for polishing

a lapidary mill

6. : an institution or office that turns out products in the manner of a factory or machine

diploma mill

propaganda mill


[ mill (II) ]

a. : a mass of people or animals moving in a circle or without clear direction

turned the leaders of the stampede so as to form a mill

b. : a boxing match

c. : a folk-dance design usually formed by two couples in which each dancer joins right or left hands with the one diagonally opposite and all move in a circle to right or left — called also star, wagon wheel

8. : treadmill

9. Scotland : a snuffbox especially with apparatus for pulverizing tobacco


a. : a slow or laborious process or routine

legislative mill

b. : an experience or process that has a marked effect (as of hardening, disciplining, disillusioning) on the character or personality — usually used in the phrase through the mill

through the mill of higher education


a. : a hardened steel roller having a design in relief used for imprinting a reversed copy of the design in a softer metal (as copper)

b. : milling machine , milling cutter

12. : morris II — used with the

13. slang

a. : the engine of an automobile or boat

b. : typewriter

II. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

transitive verb

1. : to subject to some operation or process in a mill : shape or finish by means of a mill or machine: as

a. : to full (cloth) in a fulling mill

b. : to grind into flour, meal, or powder

c. : to hull (seeds) by using a mill

d. : to shape or dress (as metal) by means of a rotary cutter : to make (as a key seat) with such a cutter

e. : to stamp (a coin) in a screw press

f. : to pass (soap chips) through a roller mill in the manufacture of toilet soap or soap flakes

French milled soap

g. : to mix and condition (as rubber) by passing between rotating rolls

h. : to roll (as steel) into bars

i. : to crush or grind (ore) in a mill

2. : to give a raised rim to (a coin) by a machine operation on the coin blank before striking

3. : to make frothy by churning or whipping

mill chocolate

4. : to beat with the fists : thrash , slug

5. : to turn or guide (as cattle) into a circular course


a. : to make ridges or corrugations on the edge of (a coin) by pressure against a corrugated collar at the time of striking

b. : to cut grooves or crosshatching in the metal surface of (a knob or a finger nut) to aid gripping : knurl

7. : to saw and dress (timber) in a sawmill

intransitive verb

1. : to hit out with the fists ; especially : to slug furiously

the match was mostly rough-and-tumble milling


a. of cattle : to move or stampede in a circle

b. : to move in an eddying or disorderly mass

rioters milling about in the streets

crowd milling in the theater lobby

3. of a whale : to swim suddenly in a new direction

4. : to undergo milling or hulling

seed was too wet to mill properly

III. transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: perhaps from mill (II)

archaic : to break into or rob (a house)

IV. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Latin mille thousand — more at mile

: a unit of monetary value equal to 1/1000 United States dollar or 1/10 cent

V. abbreviation


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