Meaning of MILL in English

n. 1 grinder, quern, crusher, roller In many parts of the world, corn is still ground by hand in a stone mill 2 plant, factory, works, workshop, shop, foundry This mill turns out rolled steel 3 been through the mill. experienced, knowledgeable, sophisticated, toughened, hardened, seasoned, battle-scarred, Colloq been through the wringer, in the know He's been through the mill and knows what to expect 4 run-of-the-mill. average, unexceptional, ordinary, common, unremarkable, everyday, basic, simple, Brit common-or-garden variety, US garden-variety Critics found her voice pleasant but rather run-of-the-mill

v. 5 grind, crush, comminute, powder, pulverize, grate, granulate, pound, triturate, masticate, bray; crunch, mince Flour milled to a very fine consistency is more suitable for pastries than for breads 6 mill about or around. meander, wander, walk, stroll, amble, move about or around, crowd, throng, swarm There were quite a few people milling about our stand at the trade fair

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