Meaning of RECOVERY in English


I. rə̇ˈkəv(ə)rē, rēˈ-, -ri noun

( -es )

Etymology: Middle English, perhaps from Middle French recovree, from recoverer to recover + -ee -y

1. obsolete : means of restoration : cure , remedy


a. : the obtaining in a suit at law of a right to something by a verdict, decree, or judgment of court

b. : common recovery


a. : the action of regaining an upright position after curtseying

b. : a movement sequence in dance technique for rising after a fall

c. : the action of regaining the position of guard after making an attack in fencing or sparring

d. : the action following the completion of a rowing stroke in which the blade is raised and feathered and readied for the next stroke

e. : a golf stroke played from the rough or a trap to the green or fairway

4. : the act of regaining or returning toward a normal or usual state

recovery from a heart attack

recovery from childbirth

recovery in the bond market

5. : a period of economic upturn following a depression


a. : the recovering of useful material from spent products or waste

recovery of solvents used for dry cleaning

recovery of aluminum from loose scrap

b. : the amount of metal or valuable substance obtained in a process of ore treatment expressed sometimes as a percentage of the metal originally in the ore

7. : removal of residual stress from cold worked metal by low-temperature annealing

II. noun

Usage: often attributive

: the process of combating a disorder (as alcoholism) or a real or perceived problem

a workaholic in recovery

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