Meaning of STALL in English


stall 1

— stall-like , adj.

/stawl/ , n.

1. a compartment in a stable or shed for the accommodation of one animal.

2. a stable or shed for horses or cattle.

3. a booth or stand in which merchandise is displayed for sale, or in which some business is carried on (sometimes used in combination): a butcher's stall; a bookstall.

4. carrel (def. 1).

5. one of a number of fixed enclosed seats in the choir or chancel of a church for the use of the clergy.

6. a pew.

7. any small compartment or booth for a specific activity or housing a specific thing: a shower stall.

8. a rectangular space marked off or reserved for parking a car or other vehicle, as in a parking lot.

9. an instance or the condition of causing an engine, or a vehicle powered by an engine, to stop, esp. by supplying it with a poor fuel mixture or by overloading it.

10. Aeron. an instance or the condition of causing an airplane to fly at an angle of attack greater than the angle of maximum lift, causing loss of control and a downward spin. Cf. critical angle (def. 2).

11. a protective covering for a finger or toe, as various guards and sheaths or one finger of a glove.

12. Brit. a chairlike seat in a theater, separated from others by arms or rails, esp. one in the front section of the parquet.


13. to assign to, put, or keep in a stall or stalls, as an animal or a car.

14. to confine in a stall for fattening, as cattle.

15. to cause (a motor or the vehicle it powers) to stop, esp. by supplying it with a poor fuel mixture or overloading it.

16. Aeron.

a. to put (an airplane) into a stall.

b. to lose control of or crash (an airplane) from so doing.

17. to bring to a standstill; check the progress or motion of, esp. unintentionally.

18. to cause to stick fast, as in mire or snow.


19. (of an engine, car, airplane, etc.) to be stalled or go through the process of stalling (sometimes fol. by out ).

20. to come to a standstill; be brought to a stop.

21. to stick fast, as in mire.

22. to occupy a stall, as an animal.

[ bef. 900; ME; OE steall; c. G Stall, ON stallr; akin to OE stellan, G stellen to put, place ]

stall 2

/stawl/ , v.i.

1. to delay, esp. by evasion or deception.

2. Sports. to prolong holding the ball as a tactic to prevent the opponent from scoring, as when one's team has the lead. Cf. freeze (def. 31).


3. to delay or put off, esp. by evasion or deception (often fol. by off ): He stalled the police for 15 minutes so his accomplice could get away.


4. a pretext, as a ruse, trick, or the like, used to delay or deceive.

5. Underworld Slang. the member of a pickpocket's team who distracts the victim long enough for the theft to take place.

6. Sports. slowdown (def. 3).

[ 1490-1500; earlier stale decoy bird ( > AF estale decoy pigeon), OE stael- decoy (in staelhran decoy reindeer); akin to STALL 1 ]

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