Meaning of ACT in English

n. sacramental act

Ballot Act

British North America Act

Canada Act

Constitution Act

Civil Rights Act of 1964

Constitutional Act

Dawes General Allotment Act

Dawes Severalty Act

Declaratory Act

Embargo Act

Enabling Act

Servicemen's Readjustment Act

Hat Act

Hatch Act

Indian Removal Act

Indian Reorganization Act

Iron Act

Kansas Nebraska Act

Land Grant College Act of 1862

Morrill Act

Landrum Griffin Act

Parliament Act of 1911

Pendleton Civil Service Act

Quebec Act

Settlement Act of

Sherman Antitrust Act

Smoot Hawley Tariff Act

Social Security Act

speech act theory

Stamp Act

Sugar Act

Supremacy Act of

Taft Hartley Act

Labor Management Relations Act

Tea Act

Tenure of Office Act

Test Act

Toleration Act

Union Act of

Voting Rights Act

Wagner Act

National Labor Relations Act

War Powers Act

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