Meaning of ACT in English

n. 25B6; verb

the Government must act to remedy the situation : TAKE ACTION, take steps, take measures, move, react.

he was acting on the orders of the party leader : FOLLOW, act in accordance with, obey, heed, comply with; fulfil, meet, discharge.

an estate agent acting for a prospective buyer : REPRESENT, act on behalf of; stand in for, fill in for, deputize for, take the place of.

Alison began to act oddly : BEHAVE, conduct oneself, react; formal comport oneself.

the scents act as a powerful aphrodisiac : OPERATE, work, function, serve.

the drug acted directly on the blood vessels : AFFECT, have an effect on, work on; have an impact on, impact on, influence.

he acted in a highly successful film : PERFORM, play a part, take part, appear; informal tread the boards.

we laughed, but most of us were just acting : PRETEND, play-act, put it on, fake it, feign it, dissemble, dissimulate.

25B6; noun

acts of kindness 007C; a criminal act : DEED, action, feat, exploit, move, gesture, performance, undertaking, stunt, operation; achievement, accomplishment.

the act raised the tax on tobacco : LAW, decree, statute, bill, act of Parliament, enactment, resolution, edict, dictum, ruling, measure; N. Amer. formal ordinance.

the first act of the play : DIVISION, section, subsection, part, segment.

a music hall act : PERFORMANCE, turn, routine, number, sketch, skit.

it was all just an act : PRETENCE, show, front, facade, masquerade, charade, posture, pose, affectation, sham, fake; informal a put-on.

25A0; act up (informal)

all children act up from time to time : MISBEHAVE, behave badly, get up to mischief; Brit. informal play up.

the engine was acting up : MALFUNCTION, go wrong, be defective, be faulty; informal be on the blink; Brit. informal play up.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.