Meaning of DRILL in English


In military science, the preparation of soldiers for performance of their duties through the practice of prescribed movements.

It trains soldiers in battle formations, familiarizes them with their weapons, and develops a sense of teamwork and discipline. Today close-order drill is used for marching, ceremonies, and parades; combat drill is used to practice the looser routines of battle. It was introduced by the Greeks, who practiced the maneuvers of the phalanx . Careful training of the Gustav II Adolf of Sweden led in reintroducing drill techniques in early 17th-century Europe.


Large, short-tailed monkey ( Mandrillus leucophaeus , family Cercopithecidae).

Formerly found from Nigeria to Cameroon, it is now restricted to remote forest regions of Cameroon because of hunting and deforestation. Like the related mandrill , the drill is stout-bodied and has vividly coloured buttocks. The male is about 32 in. (82 cm) long and has a black face. Its lower lip is bright red, the hairs around the face and a tuft behind the ears are yellowish white, and the rest of the fur is olive-brown. An omnivore, it is mainly terrestrial, gregarious, and powerful, and it can fight ferociously if molested.

Drill ( Mandrillus leucophaeus ).

J. Kohler/Bavaria-Verlag


Tool to make holes, usually by revolving.

Drills, gimlets, and augers have cutting edges that detach material to leave a hole. Drilling usually requires high speed and low {{link=torque">torque , with little material being removed during each revolution of the tool. The earliest (perhaps Bronze Age ) drill points had sharp edges that ultimately developed into arrow shapes with two distinct cutting edges. This shape was effective and remained popular until the late 19th century, when factory-made, spiral-fluted twist drills became available at reasonable cost to displace the blacksmith-made articles. Rotating drill bits containing diamonds or other hard materials are used for drilling rock, as for tunnels or oil wells. See also drill press .

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