Meaning of DRILL in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ drɪl ]

( drills, drilling, drilled)


A drill is a tool or machine that you use for making holes.

...pneumatic drills.

...a dentist’s drill.



When you drill into something or drill a hole in something, you make a hole in it using a drill.

He drilled into the wall of Lili’s bedroom...

I drilled five holes at equal distance.

VERB : V prep , V n


When people drill for oil or water, they search for it by drilling deep holes in the ground or in the bottom of the sea.

There have been proposals to drill for more oil...

The team is still drilling.

VERB : V for n , V

• drill‧ing

Drilling is due to start early next year.



A drill is a way that teachers teach their students something by making them repeat it many times.

The teacher runs them through a drill–the days of the week, the weather and some counting.



If you drill people, you teach them to do something by making them repeat it many times.

He drills the choir to a high standard.

VERB : V n


A drill is repeated training for a group of people, especially soldiers, so that they can do something quickly and efficiently.

The Marines carried out a drill that included 18 ships and 90 aircraft...

N-VAR : oft N n


A drill is a routine exercise or activity, in which people practise what they should do in dangerous situations.

...a fire drill.

...air-raid drills.

N-COUNT : oft n N

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