Meaning of DRILL in English

drill 1

— drillable , adj. — drillability , n. — driller , n.

/dril/ , n.

1. Mach. , Building Trades.

a. a shaftlike tool with two or more cutting edges for making holes in firm materials, esp. by rotation.

b. a tool, esp. a hand tool, for holding and operating such a tool.

2. Mil.

a. training in formal marching or other precise military or naval movements.

b. an exercise in such training: gun drill.

3. any strict, methodical, repetitive, or mechanical training, instruction, or exercise: a spelling drill.

4. the correct or customary manner of proceeding.

5. a gastropod, Urosalpinx cinera, that bores holes in shellfish, as oysters.


6. to pierce or bore a hole in (something).

7. to make (a hole) by boring.

8. Mil. to instruct and exercise in formation marching and movement, in the carrying of arms during formal marching, and in the formal handling of arms for ceremonies and guard work.

9. to impart (knowledge) by strict training, discipline, or repetition.


10. to pierce or bore something with or as with a drill.

11. to go through exercise in military or other training.

[ 1605-15; dril (n.), drillen (v.) ]

Syn. 3. See exercise .

drill 2

— driller , n.

/dril/ , n.

1. a small furrow made in the soil in which to sow seeds.

2. a row of seeds or plants thus sown.

3. a machine for sowing in rows and for covering the seeds when sown.


4. to sow (seed) in drills.

5. to sow or plant (soil, a plot of ground, etc.) in drills.


6. to sow seed in drills.

[ 1720-30; cf. drill rill, G Rille furrow, rillen to groove ]

drill 3

/dril/ , n.

a strong, twilled cotton fabric.

[ 1735-45; short for DRILLING 2 ]

drill 4

/dril/ , n.

a large, baboonlike monkey, Mandrillus leucophaeus, of western Africa, similar to the related mandrill but smaller and less brightly colored: now endangered.

[ 1635-45; of obscure orig.; cf. MANDRILL ]

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