Meaning of DRILL in English

[drill] vb [D drillen] vt (1622) 1 a: to fix something in the mind or habit pattern of by repetitive instruction "~ pupils in spelling" b: to impart or communicate by repetition "impossible to ~ the simplest idea into some people" c: to train or exercise in military drill

2. a (1): to bore or drive a hole in (2): to make by piercing action b: to shoot with or as if with a gun c (1): to propel (as a ball) with force or accuracy "~ed a single to right field" (2): to hit with force "~ed the batter with the first pitch" ~ vi 1: to make a hole with a drill

2: to engage in an exercise -- drill.abil.i.ty n -- drill.able adj -- drill.er n

[2]drill n (1611) 1: an instrument with an edged or pointed end for making holes in hard substances by revolving or by a succession of blows; also: a machine for operating such an instrument

2: the act or exercise of training soldiers in marching and in executing prescribed movements with a weapon 3 a: a physical or mental exercise aimed at perfecting facility and skill esp. by regular practice b: a formal exercise by a team of marchers c chiefly Brit: the approved or correct procedure for accomplishing something efficiently

4. a: a marine snail (Urosalpinx cinerea) destructive to oysters by boring through their shells and feeding on the soft parts b: any of several mollusks related to the drill

5: a drilling sound [3]drill n [origin unknown] (1644): a western African baboon (Papio leucophaeus syn. Mandrillus leucophaeus) having a black face and brown coat and closely related to the typical mandrills [4]drill n [perh. fr. drill (rill)] (1727) 1 a: a shallow furrow or trench into which seed is sown b: a row of seed sown in such a furrow

2: a planting implement that makes holes or furrows, drops in the seed and sometimes fertilizer, and covers them with earth [5]drill vt (ca. 1740) 1: to sow (seeds) by dropping along a shallow furrow

2. a: to sow with seed or set with seedlings inserted in drills b: to distribute seed or fertilizer in by means of a drill [6]drill n [short for drilling] (1743): a durable cotton twilled fabric

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