Meaning of GREAT in English


[c mediumvioletred] (as used in expressions)

Carolus Magnus Charles the Great

Great Learning

Herod the Great

Stephen the Great

Theodoric the Great

Abbas the Great

Afonso the Great

Alexander the Great

Antiochus the Great

Basil the Great Saint

Canute the Great

Casimir the Great

the Great Condé

Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution

Cyrus the Great

Darius the Great

Great Dismal Swamp

Frederick the Great

the Great Elector

Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co.

Great Attractor

great auk

Great Australian Bight

Great Awakening

Great Barrier Reef

Great Basin National Park

Great Bear Lake

Great Britain

Great Dane

Great Depression

Great Dividing Range

Great Fear

Great Fire of London

Great Fish River

Great Game

great hall

great horned owl

Great Lakes

Great Leap Forward

Great Mosque of Esfahan

Great Mother of the Gods

Great Northern Railway Co.

Great Plague of London

Great Plains

Great Red Spot

Great Rift Valley

Great Saint Bernard Pass

Great Salt Lake

Great Sand Dunes National Monument

Great Sandy Desert

Great Slave Lake

Great Smoky Mountains

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Great Society

Great Trek

Great Victoria Desert

Great Wall of China

great white shark

Great Zimbabwe

Gregory the Great

Ivan the Great

James the Great

Kamehameha the Great

Great Lakes trout

Leo the Great

Llywelyn the Great

Great Greece

Matilda the Great Countess

Mithradates the Great

Nerses I the Great Saint

Great Northern War

Otto the Great

Great Ouse

Peter the Great

Peter the Great Bay

Pompey the Great

Ramses the Great

Sancho the Great

Great Schism

great sea otter

Simeon the Great

Great Indian Desert

Theodosius the Great

Valdemar the Great

Vytautas the Great

Albert prince consort of Great Britain and Ireland

Catherine the Great

Constantine the Great

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