Meaning of GREAT in English

adj. 25B6; adjective

they showed great interest : CONSIDERABLE, substantial, significant, appreciable, special, serious; exceptional, extraordinary.

a great expanse of water : LARGE, big, extensive, expansive, broad, wide, sizeable, ample; vast, immense, huge, enormous, massive; informal humongous, whopping; Brit. informal ginormous.

a great big house : VERY, extremely, exceedingly, exceptionally, especially, really; informal dirty.

you great fool! : ABSOLUTE, total, utter, out-and-out, downright, thoroughgoing, complete; perfect, positive, prize, sheer, arrant, unqualified, consummate, veritable; informal thundering; Brit. informal right, proper.

great writers : PROMINENT, eminent, important, distinguished, illustrious, celebrated, honoured, acclaimed, admired, esteemed, revered, renowned, notable, famous, famed, well known; leading, top, major, principal, first-rate, matchless, peerless, star.

the country is now a great power : POWERFUL, dominant, influential, strong, potent, formidable, redoubtable; leading, important, foremost, major, chief, principal.

a great castle : MAGNIFICENT, imposing, impressive, awe-inspiring, grand, splendid, majestic, sumptuous, resplendent.

a great sportsman : EXPERT, skilful, skilled, adept, accomplished, talented, fine, masterly, master, brilliant, virtuoso, marvellous, outstanding, first class, superb; informal crack, ace, A1, class.

a great fan of rugby : ENTHUSIASTIC, eager, keen, zealous, devoted, ardent, fanatical, passionate, dedicated, committed.

we had a great time : ENJOYABLE, delightful, lovely, pleasant, congenial; exciting, thrilling; excellent, marvellous, wonderful, fine, splendid, very good; informal terrific, fantastic, fabulous, fab, super, grand, cool; Brit. informal smashing, brilliant, brill; Austral./NZ informal bonzer, beaut; Brit. informal, dated spiffing; N. Amer. informal, dated swell.

little, small, minor, modest, poor, unenthusiastic, bad.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.