Meaning of KANJERAN PLUVIAL STAGE in English

major division of Pleistocene deposits and time in Africa (the Pleistocene Epoch lasted from 1,600,000 to 10,000 years ago). The Kanjeran Pluvial Stage followed the Kamasian Pluvial Stage and preceded the Gamblian Pluvial Stage; the African pluvials represent wetter spans of geologic time probably related to the widespread continental glacial episodes in the Northern Hemisphere. The Kanjeran Pluvial Stage is regarded by some authorities as contemporaneous with the early Wrm Glacial Stage of classical European terminology, but by others with the earlier Riss Glaciation. Kanjeran lake deposits have produced abundant remains of fossil vertebrates as well as human artifacts and skeletal remains. Radiocarbon techniques have dated late Kanjeran objects as about 57,000 years old, of the same age as the early Wrm Glacial Stage.

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