Meaning of STAGE in English


n. & v.


1. a point or period in a process or development (reached a critical stage; is in the larval stage).

2 a a raised floor or platform, esp. one on which plays etc. are performed before an audience. b (prec. by the) the acting or theatrical profession, dramatic art or literature, the drama. c the scene of action (the stage of politics). d landing-stage.

3 a a regular stopping-place on a route. b the distance between two stopping-places. c Brit. fare-stage.

4 Astronaut. a section of a rocket with a separate engine, jettisoned when its propellant is exhausted.

5 Geol. a range of strata forming a subdivision of a series.

6 Electronics a single amplifying transistor or valve with the associated equipment.

7 the surface on which an object is placed for inspection through a microscope.

1. present (a play etc.) on stage.

2 arrange the occurrence of (staged a demonstration; staged a comeback).

Phrases and idioms:

go on the stage become an actor. hold the stage dominate a conversation etc. stage direction an instruction in the text of a play as to the movement, position, tone, etc., of an actor, or sound effects etc. stage door an actors' and workmen's entrance from the street to a theatre behind the stage. stage effect

1. an effect produced in acting or on the stage.

2 an artificial or theatrical effect produced in real life. stage fright nervousness on facing an audience esp. for the first time. stage-hand a person handling scenery etc. during a performance on stage. stage left (or right) on the left (or right) side of the stage, facing the audience.


1. be the stage-manager of.

2 arrange and control for effect. stage-management the job or craft of a stage-manager. stage-manager the person responsible for lighting and other mechanical arrangements for a play etc. stage name a name assumed for professional purposes by an actor. stage play a play performed on stage rather than broadcast etc. stage rights exclusive rights to perform a particular play. stage-struck filled with an inordinate desire to go on the stage.

stage whisper

1. an aside.

2 a loud whisper meant to be heard by others than the person addressed.


stageable adj. stageability n. stager n.

Etymology: ME f. OF estage dwelling ult. f. L stare stand

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