Meaning of STAGE in English


I. noun see: stand Date: 14th century 1. one of a series of positions or stations one above the other ; step , the height of the surface of a river above an arbitrary zero point , 2. a. a raised platform, the part of a theater on which the acting takes place and which often includes the wings, the acting profession ; the theater as an occupation or activity, sound~ , a center of attention or scene of action, 3. a scaffold for workmen, the small platform of a microscope on which an object is placed for examination, 4. a place of rest formerly provided for those traveling by ~coach ; station , the distance between two stopping places on a road, ~coach , 5. a period or step in a progress, activity, or development: as, one of the distinguishable periods of growth and development of a plant or animal , a period or phase in the course of a disease, one passing through a (specified) ~, an element or part of an electronic device (as an amplifier), one of two or more sections of a rocket that have their own fuel and engine, ~ful noun ~like adjective II. transitive verb (~d; staging) Date: 1879 to produce (as a play) on a ~, to produce or cause to happen for public view or public effect , to determine the phase or severity of (a disease) based on a classification of established symptomatic criteria, ~able adjective III. adjective Date: 1824 intended to represent a type or stereotype

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