Meaning of ART in English

[noun] [U] - the making of what is expressive or beautiful, or things that are considered to be expressive or beautifulHe said that, in his opinion, most people in our society do not really regard art as important.Can television and pop music really be considered art?I enjoyed the ballet, but it wasn't really great art.Art is sometimes used to refer particularly to painting, drawing and sculpture.She is very good at music and art.He wants to be an art teacher when he's left college.Art can also be used to refer to paintings, drawings and sculptures.The gallery has an excellent collection of modern art.I went to an exhibition of Native American art.Peggy Guggenheim was one of the twentieth century's great art collectors.The Frick is an art gallery in New York.An art is an activity through which people express particular ideas.Drama is an art that is traditionally performed in a theatre.Do you regard film as entertainment or as an art?She is doing a course in the performing arts.An art is also a skill or special ability.Getting him to go out is quite an art (= needs special skill).There is a special art in/to knowing when to give up.Arts and crafts are the skills of making objects, such as decorations, furniture and pottery (= objects made from clay), by hand.Art deco is a style of decoration that was especially popular in the 1930s and uses simple shapes and lines and strong colours.Art nouveau is a style of art and decoration that uses curling lines and plant and flower shapes.

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