Meaning of ART in English

I. Etymology: Middle English, from Old English e~; akin to Old Norse est, ert (thou) ~, Old English is is see: be II. noun see: arm Date: 13th century skill acquired by experience, study, or observation , 2. a branch of learning:, one of the humanities, liberal ~s , learning , scholarship , an occupation requiring knowledge or skill , 4. the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects, b. fine ~s, one of the fine ~s, a graphic ~, 5. a skillful plan, the quality or state of being ~ful, decorative or illustrative elements in printed matter, Synonyms: see: ~ III. adjective Date: 1868 produced as an ~istic effort or for decorative purposes , IV. abbreviation ~icle, ~ificial, ~illery

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