Meaning of ART in English

n. 25B6; noun

he studied art : FINE ART, artwork, design. See lists.

the art of writing : SKILL, craft, technique, knack, facility, ability.

she uses art to achieve her aims : CUNNING, artfulness, slyness, craftiness, guile; deceit, duplicity, artifice, wiles.

Art Schools and Movements

abstract art modernism

abstract expressionism Nabi Group

Aesthetic Movement naive art

Art Deco naturalism

Art Nouveau Nazarenes

Arte Povera neoclassicism

Arts and Crafts Movement neoexpressionism

Ashcan School neoimpressionism

avant-garde neoplasticism

Barbizon School neoromanticism

baroque Neue Sachlichkeit

Blaue Reiter Norwich School

Bloomsbury Group op art

body art Orphism

Camden School performance art

classicism photorealism

conceptual art plein-air painting

concrete art pop art

constructivism postimpressionism

cubism postmodernism

Dada Precisionism

Danube School Pre-Raphaelitism

De Stijl primitive art

Euston Road purism

expressionism Rayonism

fauvism realism

figurative art Renaissance art

Florentine school representational art

folk art rococo

futurism romanticism

grand manner Sezession

Group of Seven Sienese school

High Renaissance art socialist realism

impressionism social realism

International Gothic Sturm und Drang

intimisme suprematism

Jugendstil surrealism

junk art symbolism

kinetic art Synchromism

land art transavant-garde

magic realism Umbrian school

mannerism Venetian school

metaphysical painting verism

minimalism Vorticism

Art Techniques and Media

See also painting . lithography

acrylic painting lost wax

action painting marbling

airbrushing marquetry

aquatint metalwork

batik mezzotint

brass rubbing montage

calligraphy mosaic

cartooning painting

ceramics pastel

cloisonné photography

collage photogravure

collotype photomontage

colour print photoprint

colour wash screen printing

conté sculpture

divisionism scumbling

drawing sgraffito

dry-point silk-screen printing

enamelling sketching

encaustic soft-ground etching

engineering drawing stained glass

engraving tachism

etching tapestry

finger-painting technical drawing

fresco trompe l'oeil

frottage wood carving

illumination woodcut

intaglio wood engraving

lino cut zincography

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.