Meaning of ART in English

I. art 1 S1 W1 /ɑːt $ ɑːrt/ BrE AmE noun

[ Word Family: noun : ↑ art , ↑ artist , ↑ artistry ; adjective : ↑ artistic , ↑ arty ; adverb : ↑ artistically ]

[ Date: 1200-1300 ; Language: Old French ; Origin: Latin ars ]

1 . [uncountable] the use of painting, drawing, ↑ sculpture etc to represent things or express ideas:

the Museum of Modern Art in New York

an example of early Indian art

2 . [plural, uncountable] objects that are produced by art, such as paintings, drawings etc:

an art exhibition

an art critic

an arts and crafts fair

The exhibition features works of art by Picasso and Matisse.

3 . [uncountable] the skill of drawing or painting:

He’s very good at art.

an art teacher

art college

4 . the arts [plural] art, music, theatre, film, literature etc all considered together:

Government funding for the arts has been reduced.

5 . arts ( also the arts ) [plural] subjects you can study that are not scientific, for example history, languages etc ⇨ humanities

6 . [uncountable and countable] the ability or skill involved in doing or making something:

Television is ruining the art of conversation.

Writing advertisements is quite an art (=it is difficult to do) .

have/get something down to a fine art (=do something very well)

I’ve got the early morning routine down to a fine art.

• • •


■ types of art

▪ modern art art from the late 19th century until now:

I’m not very keen on modern art.

▪ contemporary art art that is being created now:

an exhibition of contemporary art

▪ Western art art in Europe and North America:

Velasquez was one of the greatest figures in the history of Western art.

▪ fine art art, especially painting, which is made to be beautiful or affect your emotions, rather than to be useful:

She wants to study fine art at college.


the Royal Academy of Fine Arts

▪ abstract art paintings or images that consist of shapes or lines which do not look like people, places, or objects:

it’s almost impossible for any artist not to be influenced by Picasso’s abstract art.

▪ figurative art art that shows pictures of people, places, or objects:

In this country, we always feel more comfortable with figurative art.

▪ conceptual art a type of modern art, which shows ideas about the world:

In conceptual art, the idea behind the work of art holds as much importance as the artwork itself.

▪ applied art the use of artistic principles in the design of objects and images for people to use. This includes subjects such as fashion, jewellery design, architecture, and photography:

Van de Velde taught at the new school of applied art.

▪ primitive art art by people who live in societies where there is a very simple way of life and no modern technology or industry:

The interest in primitive art came about largely through the work of Gauguin.

▪ pop art art that shows ordinary objects that you find in people’s homes, which was made popular in the1960s by artists such as Andy Warhol:

The relationship of advertising to art was part of the pop art phenomenon in the 1960s.

▪ the visual arts painting, sculpture, and other art forms that you look at, not literature or music:

The approach to the visual arts has changed in the last two decades.

▪ the decorative arts the design and production of beautiful things for the home, such as furniture, pottery, and cloth:

The exhibition will also cover the decorative arts.

▪ the performing arts dance, music, or drama, done to entertain people:

San Diego’s School for the Creative and Performing Arts

▪ the plastic arts art that involves producing objects such as sculpures or pots:

the decline of the plastic arts in the fifth century

▪ performance art a type of art that can combine acting, dance, and other actions to express an idea:

It will be a mixture of live performance art, music and poetry in an informal club setting.

II. art 2 BrE AmE verb old-fashioned or biblical

[ Language: Old English ; Origin: eart ]

thou art a phrase meaning ‘you are’

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