Meaning of ART in English

1. n.1 a human creative skill or its application. b work exhibiting this.

2 a (in pl.; prec. by the) the various branches of creative activity concerned with the production of imaginative designs, sounds, or ideas, e.g. painting, music, writing, considered collectively. b any one of these branches.

3 creative activity, esp. painting and drawing, resulting in visual representation (interested in music but not art).

4 human skill or workmanship as opposed to the work of nature (art and nature had combined to make her a great beauty).

5 (often foll. by of) a skill, aptitude, or knack (the art of writing clearly; keeping people happy is quite an art).

6 (in pl.; usu. prec. by the) those branches of learning (esp. languages, literature, and history) associated with creative skill as opposed to scientific, technical, or vocational skills.

Phrases and idioms:

art and mystery any of the special skills or techniques in a specified area. art deco the predominant decorative art style of the period 1910-30, characterized by precise and boldly delineated geometric motifs, shapes, and strong colours. art form

1. any medium of artistic expression.

2 an established form of composition (e.g. the novel, sonata, sonnet, etc.). art nouveau a European art style of the late 19th century characterized by flowing lines and natural organic forms. art paper smooth-coated high quality paper. arts and crafts decorative design and handicraft.

Etymology: ME f. OF f. L ars artis 2.

archaic or dial. 2nd sing. present of BE.

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