Meaning of ART in English

/ ɑːt; NAmE ɑːrt/ noun , verb

■ noun


[ U ] the use of the imagination to express ideas or feelings, particularly in painting, drawing or sculpture :

modern / contemporary / American art

an art critic / historian / lover

Can we call television art?

stolen works of art

Her performance displayed great art.

—see also clip art , fine art


[ U ] examples of objects such as paintings, drawings or sculptures :

an art gallery / exhibition

a collection of art and antiques


[ U ] the skill of creating objects such as paintings and drawings, especially when you study it :

She's good at art and design.

an art teacher / student / college / class


the arts [ pl. ] art, music, theatre, literature, etc. when you think of them as a group :

lottery funding for the arts

—see also performing arts


[ C ] a type of visual or performing art :

Dance is a very theatrical art.


[ C , usually pl. ] the subjects you can study at school or university which are not scientific, such as languages, history or literature :

an arts degree

—compare science


[ C , U ] an ability or a skill that you can develop with training and practice :

a therapist trained in the art of healing

Letter-writing is a lost art nowadays.

Appearing confident at interviews is quite an art (= rather difficult) .


see fine adjective

■ verb

thou art ( old use ) used to mean 'you are', when talking to one person



noun Middle English : via Old French from Latin ars , art- .

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