Meaning of CLEAN in English

(NO ROUGH EDGES) [adjective] -er, -est - having no rough edges; smooth; straight; evenWhat he liked about the car was its clean (= smooth) lines.I tried to make a clean (= smooth) cut in the cake, but the knife wasn't sharp enough.I've broken my leg, but the doctor says that the break is clean (= straight), so it should heal easily.A good clean hit from Botham sent the ball straight out to the boundary.(approving) The school sports field swarmed with clean-limbed (= healthy-looking and active) young people eager for the day's events.I like the clean-cut (= straight and even) shapes of classical architecture.(approving) Julie's fiancé is a nice clean-cut young man (= is tidy in appearance and behaves well).I like a man who is clean-shaven (= who has no hair on the lower part of his face).

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