Meaning of CLEAN in English



Function: transitive verb

Date: 15th century

1 a : to make clean: as (1) : to rid of dirt, impurities, or extraneous matter (2) : to rid of corruption <vowing to clean up city hall> b : REMOVE , ERADICATE ― usually used with up or off < clean up that mess>

2 a : STRIP , EMPTY <a tree clean ed of fruit> b : to remove the entrails from < clean fish> c : to deprive of money or possessions ― often used with out <they clean ed him out completely>

intransitive verb : to undergo or perform a process of cleaning < clean up before dinner>

– clean · abil · i · ty \ ˌ kl ē -n ə - ' bi-l ə -t ē \ noun

– clean · able \ ' kl ē -n ə -b ə l \ adjective

– clean house

1 : to clean a house and its furniture

2 : to make sweeping reforms or changes (as of personnel)

– clean one's clock : to beat one badly in a fight or competition

– clean up one's act : to behave in a more acceptable manner

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