Meaning of CLEAN in English


■ adjective

1》 free from dirt, marks, or pollutants.

↘attentive to personal hygiene.

2》 morally pure.

↘not offensive or obscene: good ~ fun.

↘showing or having no record of offences or crimes.

↘done according to the rules.

3》 free from irregularities; smooth; well defined: a ~ fracture of the leg.

4》 (of an action) smoothly and skilfully done.

5》 (of a taste, sound, or smell) distinctive and fresh.

■ adverb

1》 so as to be free from dirt.

2》 informal completely: I ~ forgot her birthday.

■ verb

1》 remove dirt or marks from; make ~.

2》 ( ~ someone out ) informal use up or take all someone's money.

↘( ~ something out ) strip a place of and steal all its contents.

3》 ( ~ up ) informal make a substantial gain or profit.

■ noun an act of ~ing.


~ and jerk a weightlifting exercise in which a weight is raised above the head following an initial lift to shoulder level.

~ someone's clock N. Amer. informal beat or decisively defeat someone.

a ~ sheet (or slate ) an absence of existing restraints or commitments.

↘( keep a ~ sheet ) (in a soccer match) prevent the opposing side from scoring.

come ~ informal fully confess something.

keep one's hands ~ remain uninvolved in an immoral or illegal act.

make a ~ breast of it fully confess one's mistakes or wrongdoings.

make a ~ sweep

1》 remove all unwanted people or things ready to start afresh.

2》 win all of a group of related sporting contests.


~able adjective

~ing noun

~ish adjective

~ness noun


OE clne , of W. Gmc origin.

Concise Oxford English vocab.      Сжатый оксфордский словарь английского языка.