Meaning of CLEAN in English


adj., adv., v., & n.


1. (often foll. by of) free from dirt or contaminating matter, unsoiled.

2 clear; unused or unpolluted; preserving what is regarded as the original state (clean air; clean page).

3 free from obscenity or indecency.

4 a attentive to personal hygiene and cleanliness. b (of children and animals) toilet-trained or house-trained.

5 complete, clear-cut, unobstructed, even.

6 a (of a ship, aircraft, or car) streamlined, smooth. b well-formed, slender and shapely (clean-limbed; the car has clean lines).

7 adroit, skilful (clean fielding).

8 (of a nuclear weapon) producing relatively little fallout.

9 a free from ceremonial defilement or from disease. b (of food) not prohibited.

10 a free from any record of a crime, offence, etc. (a clean driving-licence). b sl. free from suspicion; not carrying incriminating material.

11 (of a taste, smell, etc.) sharp, fresh, distinctive.

12 (of timber) free from knots.


1. completely, outright, simply (clean bowled; cut clean through; clean forgot).

2 in a clean manner.


1. tr. (also foll. by of) & intr. make or become clean.

2 tr. eat all the food on (one's plate).

3 tr. Cookery remove the innards of (fish or fowl).

4 intr. make oneself clean.

--n. the act or process of cleaning or being cleaned (give it a clean).

Phrases and idioms:

clean bill of health see BILL(1). clean break a quick and final separation. clean-cut sharply outlined. clean down clean by brushing or wiping. clean hands freedom from guilt. clean-living of upright character. clean out

1. clean thoroughly.

2 sl. empty or deprive (esp. of money). clean-shaven without beard, whiskers, moustache. clean sheet (or slate) freedom from commitments or imputations; the removal of these from one's record.

clean up

1. a clear (a mess) away. b (also absol.) put (things) tidy. c make (oneself) clean.

2 restore order or morality to.

3 sl. a acquire as gain or profit. b make a gain or profit. clean-up n. an act of cleaning up. come clean colloq. own up; confess everything. make a clean breast of see BREAST. make a clean job of colloq. do thoroughly. make a clean sweep of see SWEEP.


cleanable adj. cleanish adj. cleanness n.

Etymology: OE cl{aelig}ne (adj. & adv.), clene (adv.), f. WG

Oxford English vocab.      Оксфордский английский словарь.