Meaning of CLOCK in English


(TIME) [noun] [C] - a device for measuring and showing time, which is usually found in or on a building and is not worn by a personWe have an antique clock on our mantlepiece.The town-hall clock says (= shows that the time is) 9 o'clock.I think the clock in the kitchen is fast/slow (= it is showing a later/earlier time than it should).As the clock began to strike/chime twelve, we all wished each other a happy new year.She set her clock (= put it to the right time) by the time signal on the radio.Meet me under the clock (= next to the wall on which the clock is hanging) at Liverpool Street station.See pictures: Living room, Clocks and watchesIf you put/turn the clock(s) back, at a particular time of the year you change the time shown on the clock to an hour earlier. If you put/turn the clock(s) forward/(UK usually) on (US also set the clock(s) ahead), at a different time of year you change the time shown on the clock to an hour later.Don't forget that the clocks go back/forward (= the time shown on them should be changed to an hour earlier/later) tonight.The obstacle race in the children's sports day was run against the clock (= the time taken to finish it was recorded and the fastest person was the winner).(disapproving) The court's decision on this case will put/turn the clock back (by) fifty years (= cause a return to the laws, beliefs and customs of fifty years ago).Now we're going to turn back the clock (= remember or imagine times in the past) with some rock 'n' roll from the 1950s.Doctors and nurses worked round/around the clock (= all day and night) to help those injured in the train crash.Bill always works exactly by/according to the clock (= He is always aware of the time so that he does not work longer than he has to).The meeting was so boring that nearly everyone there had their eye/was keeping their eye on the clock/was watching the clock (= was looking to see what time it was so that they knew how long it was until the meeting ended).(disapproving) Stop this clock-watching and get on with your work.(disapproving) David is a real clock-watcher (= He keeps looking to see what time it is in order to discover how much longer he has to work).Clock radio is another word for radio alarm (clock).See at radio.A clock tower is a tower, usually forming part of a building, which has a clock at the top of it.

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