Meaning of CLOCK in English


[clock] n, often attrib [ME clok, fr. MD clocke bell, clock, fr. ONF or ML; ONF cloque bell, fr. ML clocca, of Celt origin; akin to MIr clocc bell] (14c) 1: a device other than a watch for indicating or measuring time commonly by means of hands moving on a dial; broadly: any periodic system by which time is measured

2: a registering device usu. with a dial; specif: odometer

3: time clock

4: a synchronizing device (as in a computer) that produces pulses at regular intervals

5: biological clock -- around the clock also round the clock 1: continuously for 24 hours: day and night without cessation

2: without relaxation and heedless of time -- kill the clock or run out the clock : to use up as much as possible of the playing time remaining in a game (as football) while retaining possession of the ball or puck esp. to protect a lead

[2]clock vt (1883) 1: to time with a stopwatch or by an electric timing device

2: to register on a mechanical recording device "wind velocities were ~ed at 80 miles per hour"

3: to hit hard

4. chiefly Brit: attain, realize--usu. used with up "just ~ed up a million ... paperback sales --Punch" ~ vi: to register on a time sheet or time clock: punch--used with in, out, on, off "he ~ed in late" -- n [3]clock n [perh. fr. [1]clock] (1530): an ornamental figure on the ankle or side of a stocking or sock

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