Meaning of ENTERPRISE in English


[noun] - an organization, esp. a business, or a difficult and important plan, esp. one that will earn moneyDon't forget this is a commercial enterprise - we're here to make money. [C]Those were the years of private enterprise (= businesses being run privately, rather than by the government), when lots of small businesses were started. [U]The original enterprise (= plan) was to raise the money by giving a concert. [C]Her latest enterprise (= plan) is to climb Mount Everest. [C]Enterprise is also eagerness to do something new and clever, despite any risks.They've showed a lot of enterprise in setting up this project.We need someone with enterprise and imagination to design a marketing strategy.An enterprise culture is a society in which personal achievement, the creation of wealth and the development of private business is encouraged.The dreams encouraged by the enterprise culture have turned to despair for a large number of people whose businesses have now failed.An enterprise zone is an area with economic problems that has been given financial help by the government to encourage the growth of new businesses.The administration has decided to attract businesses and jobs to inner cities by designating certain neighbourhoods enterprise zones.

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