Meaning of ENTERPRISE in English




an enterprise zone (= where businesses are encouraged )

Small businesses predominated in the enterprise zone.

enterprise culture

enterprise zone

free enterprise

private enterprise




Liberal-democracy is found only in countries whose economic system is wholly or predominantly that of capitalist enterprise .

Spectator sport may have been partially commercialized but it never became a capitalist leisure enterprise .


It should be noted, too, that most of the experimental schemes have not included commercial enterprises .

Newspapers and magazines sell space, which is not without its limitations for a commercial enterprise .

A board was nominated to run each industry as a viable commercial enterprise .

Few people notice or perhaps care when such inspections are directed at commercial enterprises .

A commercial enterprise of national value to our successors will have been severely damaged.

Its purpose, they claimed, was to preserve the area from vandalism and commercial enterprise !

But this tale of commercial enterprise by academics has, ironically, rebounded on them.

This is not an entirely commercial enterprise , of course; it is also about people wanting to see one's work.


It's only free enterprise , after all.

But what began as an enlightened innovation has become an albatross around the neck of the free enterprise system.

Ultimately it was only by becoming respectable that the movie industry would continue to survive as a free entrepreneurial enterprise .

It was a celebration of freedom, free spirits and free enterprise .

It shows free enterprise Toryism at its best.

Then suddenly free enterprise had entered their lives.

All this is being done in the name of free enterprise .

Some free enterprises argue that if the highway is built with private funds, there should be no government regulation.


Profit and loss from war was not necessarily always a matter of individual enterprise .

Although they enjoyed their lifestyle there was evidence that very long hours were worked, greater than the individual enterprises actually required.

Similar observations can be made in relation to the development of management strategies in industrial relations at the level of the individual enterprise .

It may seem too much like confinement, a denial of individual enterprise and the constraining of intuition into patterns of conformity.

Though there was undoubtedly comradeship, there was also the danger and loneliness of individual enterprise .

From this viewpoint any highly segmented representation of worker interests in relation to employers, such as via individual enterprise bargaining, had little appeal.

But economic reform is passing power from central government to the provinces, and from repressive institutions to individual enterprises .


Whether versions of destruction are to take place within or without the industrial enterprise , the political implications are obvious.

The quantity of operational information in the industrial assurance enterprise was vast.

The main internal relations they are concerned with are those which generate waves of innovation by industrial enterprises .

Loans and extension services have to be run in support of private commercial, industrial and agricultural enterprise .

They are: first, the growth of giant industrial enterprises and the concentration of economic power in fewer of them.

We could decentralise the building industries as well, and all small-sized industrial enterprises .

The town had suffered from the worst of industrial enterprise and was now the recipient of a major twenty-million-pound clean-up.


They feel that they can band together with others in a kind of joint enterprise to beat the disease.

Nor do all who participate in a joint enterprise agree to its occurrence.

The lawyer said the defendants were all involved in a joint enterprise to plant a booby-trap device under the car.

The maintenance of territorial integrity has become a joint enterprise .


The city's economy is heavily weighted towards large manufacturing enterprises , most of which were established to supply the Soviet military.

When they could, the inter-est rates were far higher than those for large enterprises .

Many of the large military enterprises which formed the backbone of the city's economy have suffered serious reductions in income.

Large hotel and catering organizations, as well as breweries and other large enterprises , fall into the category of public limited companies.

We have been particularly concerned in this study with the large to very large enterprise .


A specific objective is that this new body will work directly with the local enterprise companies.

As a model of local enterprise , Vee-Jay had the most promise-and the most spectacular fall.

The camp has established an innovative partnership with a local village tourism enterprise .

We will set up and fund new regional development and local enterprise agencies.

Industrial economics Local enterprise agencies offer free advice and counselling to people who own or are considering setting up a small business.

Today I checked the position in every local enterprise company.

The research will assess the management and effectiveness of one local enterprise agency based in Colchester, Essex.

They fear that ministers intend to downgrade their economic role and enhance the powers of local enterprise companies.


The course is not just about starting a new enterprise , it's also about raising the standard of enterprises that already exist.

This entailed a responsibility to stimulate the growth and development of new economic enterprises .

Officials promised them work in new enterprises that would make the most of their skills.

Furthermore, former Communist bureaucrats, transformed into free market operators, are in many cases already running the new privatized enterprises .

It was supposed that the critical role of knowledge work in this new style enterprise would necessitate the restructuring of administrative systems.

He was the backbone of a new and fragile enterprise , they said.

Some new enterprises have been created, infrastructural investment pursued and inner-city housing boosted.

In developing countries generally, nearly a fifth of small new enterprises were begun by women.


New business Public relations consultancies no more want to stand still than any other business enterprise .

Workers in other public enterprises were also prevented from striking although this did not stop strikes by postal and railway workers.

Large hotel and catering organizations, as well as breweries and other large enterprises , fall into the category of public limited companies.

The main problem in economic terms is that net farm incomes are substantially lower than for other farm enterprises and types.

Organizations are seen to be not unlike armies engaged in battle with the armies of other enterprises .

At the industrial level, pharmaceutical and other biomedical enterprises do all they can to promote their products.

Zuwaya made similar contracts for other kinds of enterprise - - shops, garages or farms.


Where private enterprise has stepped in, the results have been variable.

He advocated experiments with private enterprise in the coal industry.

You hear the same sort of thing from people who worked with Bush in private enterprise .

After 1475, however, Gloucester made no further acquisitions, either through royal grants or private enterprise .

In a slip of time, the mantle of achievement passed from private enterprise to public works.

Second, the prosperity and even the survival of many private enterprises depends largely on the workings of the social services.

He has announced that private enterprise will be allowed to flourish.


It was the difference between a vast public enterprise , and a local farmer making a living as economically as he could.

The private sector often complains about public enterprise , arguing that government should not compete with business.

This study will take a different approach to identifying the peculiarities of public enterprise industrial relations.

The minister of public enterprises has ordered that 50 percent of all accounting for state-owned companies be placed with black firms.

As a result of the government's programme, the weight of the public enterprise sector was significantly curtailed.

The government also pursued policies designed to encourage a commercial ethos in the remaining public enterprises .

But even if political authorities were clear about what they expected from public enterprises , political control would remain problematic.

Government intention does not transform itself into public enterprise action in a mechanical and straight forward way.


Teacher education is a smaller scale enterprise than it was at the time of the events I have recorded.

It sounds hauntingly like the machine shop I visited, and hundreds of thousands of other small enterprises in this coun-try.

In the first instance the government was aiming to foster a private sector in small and medium-sized enterprises .

There are tens of thousands of successful entrepreneurs who have built much smaller enterprises .

Many were also now operating smaller enterprises than before the move to Cornwall.

One of those smaller enterprises was started several years ago in a very unusual way.

However, the new company will be a far smaller enterprise than its 60-year old predecessor.

In developing countries generally, nearly a fifth of small new enterprises were begun by women.


There was something suicidal about the whole pretentious enterprise , which Dustin should have been talked down from before he leaped.

The main benefits of the whole enterprise seem to have been Teflon, Tang, and a stack of very cool photographs.

However, if you hate exercise, be assured that the whole enterprise is not necessarily doomed to failure.

One person said just holding the single chip and waiting to eat it had made him very nervous about the whole enterprise .

There may be something mildly transgressive in the whole enterprise .

The fear that the whole enterprise was at risk from the blunders of some one outside the charmed circle.

The whole enterprise was ill-founded from the start.

That's one reason why the whole enterprise was abandoned in 1926.



There is £1.5 million for the business enterprise scheme.

This system has worked well for some of our most successful business enterprises , particularly in the technological and medical industries.

Instead, they would reinvest it in their business enterprises , which would then flourish even more.

Nissan is not the first business enterprise to have its name attached to the tournament.

He was hostile to the joint-stock company as a medium through which to carry on business enterprise .

Another measure that could boost employment is the encouragement of small-scale business enterprises .

New business Public relations consultancies no more want to stand still than any other business enterprise .

But we would stress that broadcasting is not just another business enterprise .


A specific objective is that this new body will work directly with the local enterprise companies .

Today I checked the position in every local enterprise company .

They fear that ministers intend to downgrade their economic role and enhance the powers of local enterprise companies .

Since then, the Government has created the local enterprise companies , many of which have become involved in internationalisation programmes.


The hon. Gentleman obviously does not think that training and enterprise councils should be supported.

The truth is that the youth training guarantee is not being delivered by Devon training and enterprise council .

He left, but says the enterprise council is to blame: He says he feels he's been badly treated.

The full network of 82 training and enterprise councils has been operational since last October.

Part of the progress that has been made in our area has been the establishment of the Shropshire training and enterprise council .

Mr. Jackson Management of youth training in Eccles is the responsibility of the Manchester training and enterprise council .

The moves include loans for training and a scheme involving enterprise councils and local firms.

Secondly, along with the development of the training and enterprise councils , Britain's sectors should be given a key strategic role.


He is the author of numerous books and pamphlets on capitalism, industry and the enterprise culture .

The culture of dependency has to be replaced by the enterprise culture.

The government has promoted the small firm and the enterprise culture as important contributions to workforce flexibility, and the restructuring process.

But there was no such enterprise culture in Britain in those days.

The enterprise culture was born and the number of new paper millionaires mushroomed from around 5,000 to 18,000.


Second, the state will continue to prop up inefficient state enterprises .

After spending 17 years in Congress hurling broadsides at foreign creditors and defending state enterprises , Mr Franco has changed course.

Under the program, the government sold shares to citizens for a nominal fee to quickly transform state enterprises into private companies.

More recently, governments have imposed financial constraints limiting the call of state enterprises on public funds.

In 1991 Soglo instituted an austerity program and privatized many state enterprises , a trend continued by Kerekou.

Support for loss-making state enterprises had also been a drain on the budget, with over 50,000 million yuan spent on subsidies.


Between 1981-2 and 1985-6, total public costs associated with enterprise zones amounted to a gross figure of almost £400 million.

An important debate surrounding the concept of enterprise zones has been the question of displacement.

We have only their failed policies and an enterprise zone in Inverclyde.

First, the rhetoric of deregulation has not matched the reality: enterprise zones and Freeports have largely proved mundane.

On the other hand, a substantial minority considered that infrastructural investment was a significant factor for location within an enterprise zone .

In recent years, property within enterprise zones has also enjoyed relief.

Firms within enterprise zones would not pay rates for ten years, local government being reimbursed for lost revenue by the Treasury.



With this resource behind us there must be scope for creating a successful enterprise .

Rindge also creates student-run enterprises that are tied directly in to its academic program.

Building Skills Delivering economic development means creating an environment of enterprise and capability within which success can bloom.

It is the government's responsibility to create the conditions for enterprise to thrive.

It creates enterprises and revenue generating operations.

Statutory rights to management control have been created for workers and enterprises have been given autonomy to plan production.

He also expects to ask the Legislature to allow the county to create a sports enterprise zone near the Astrodome.


Finally, they could contribute to the farm income by running their own tourist enterprise .

Furthermore, former Communist bureaucrats, transformed into free market operators, are in many cases already running the new privatized enterprises .

Bland converted and although Horden ran with great enterprise they could not close the gap.

Some are even running for-profit enterprises .

These should be run by private enterprise .

His experience of the committee-managed Union convinced him that personal guidance was the safest way to run any enterprise .

There is some justification for treating those who run these enterprises as capitalists if they manifest certain characteristics.

Anne was one of 18 women running successful small enterprises with stands in the Women in the Rural Community exhibition.


He is the CEO of a multimillion-dollar enterprise .

She's a woman of great enterprise and creativity.

The U.S. and Russia are working together on a new scientific enterprise .


And shaky enterprises have always wanted to borrow money.

He was an outstanding veterinary surgeon, and obviously a man of enormous enterprise , daring courage and strong will.

In that regard free enterprise has proven the most compassionate system in the history of the world.

The best solution was found to differ from area to area and enterprise to enterprise.

The government was to issue vouchers to every citizen to enable them to buy shares in factories and enterprises.

The main characteristics of capitalism are private ownership of capital and freedom of enterprise .

This enterprise has so far fallen far short of its targets, but it remains a high priority.

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