Meaning of ENTERPRISE in English


/ ˈentəpraɪz; NAmE -tərp-/ noun


[ C ] a company or business :

an enterprise with a turnover of $26 billion

state-owned / public enterprises

small and medium-sized enterprises


[ C ] a large project, especially one that is difficult

SYN venture :

his latest business enterprise

a joint enterprise


[ U ] the development of businesses by the people of a country rather than by the government :

grants to encourage enterprise in the region

an enterprise culture (= in which people are encouraged to develop small businesses)

—see also free enterprise , private enterprise


[ U ] ( approving ) the ability to think of new projects and make them successful

SYN initiative :

a job in which enterprise is rewarded



late Middle English : from Old French , something undertaken , feminine past participle (used as a noun) of entreprendre , based on Latin prendere , prehendere to take.

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