Meaning of ENTERPRISE in English


I. noun

also en·ter·prize R ˈentə(r)prīz, - R -təp-

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French entreprise, from feminine of entrepris, past participle of entreprendre to undertake, from entre- inter- (from Latin inter- ) + prendre to take, from Latin prehendere to seize, grasp — more at get


a. : a plan or design for a venture or undertaking

his friends judged his novel enterprise to be impractical and urged him to forget it

b. : venture , undertaking , project ; especially : an undertaking that is difficult, complicated, or has a strong element of risk

indicate the … important enterprises in which he had been engaged, probably battles, expeditions, or treaties of peace — W.A.Mason

his new enterprise , a restaurant on Fifth avenue, met with complete failure

exploring the English character has long been a favorite enterprise of literary men — H.S.Commager

a military enterprise of major scope

c. : a unit of economic organization or activity (as a factory, a farm, a mine) ; especially : a business organization : firm , company

an old enterprise specializing in scientific textbooks — Current Biological

proposed to encourage the growth of small independent enterprises

d. : any systematic purposeful activity or type of activity

agriculture is the principal economic enterprise among these people

history, more than any other literary enterprise , puts the writer in the debt of other people — J.K.Galbraith

the … problem of the nature of philosophy and the philosophical enterprise itself — J.E.Smith

2. : readiness to attempt or engage in what requires daring or energy : a bold energetic questing spirit : independence of thought : initiative , energy

the public rarely shows enterprise when in search of entertainment — Tyrone Guthrie

complained of his lack of enterprise

II. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

transitive verb

: to venture upon : undertake , launch

new churches are being enterprised in every area in America — Time

intransitive verb

archaic : to undertake an enterprise

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