Meaning of EXPRESSION in English


[noun]He wrote her a poem as an expression of (= in order to show) his love. [C]We're delighted to have received so many expressions of support for (= people have shown that they support us in) our fight against the planned closure of our local hospital. [C]Freedom of expression is a basic human right (= people should be allowed to say what they think). [U]This school encourages the expression of individuality in its pupils. [U]It's better to give expression to (= show) your anger, rather than hiding it. [U]His sadness at the death of his wife found expression (= was shown) in his music. [U]She plays the violin with great expression (= feeling). [U]He showed no expression (= he did not show any feeling) as the judge sentenced him to life imprisonment. [U]I could tell from her expression (= the appearance of her face) that something serious had happened. [C]Mark always has such a glum expression (on his face) (= looks unhappy). [C]See also expression (WORDS).

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