Meaning of EXPRESSION in English


n. 1 verbalization, airing, representation, declaration, utterance, assertion, enunciation, asseveration, pronouncement, communication, voicing, announcement Any expression of criticism of government is forbidden in many countries 2 representation, manifestation, sign, token, symbol, show, demonstration, indication, evidence A curled lip is an expression of scorn 3 look, mien, air, appearance, face, aspect, countenance He had long straight hair and a completely blank expression Her smile twisted into an expression of frustration. 4 tone, note, nuance, intonation, accent, touch, nuance, shading, loudness, softness; expressiveness, emotion, feeling, sensitivity, passion, spirit, depth, ardour, intensity, pathos There was much expression in her playing of the fugue 5 word, term, phrase, idiom, turn of phrase, locution, saying Some find the expression 'Have a nice day' to be irritating 6 wording, phrasing, phraseology, language, style, diction, usage, speech, delivery Writers are not the only ones who should study effective expression

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