Meaning of EXPRESSION in English




a display/expression of emotion (= an emotion that is shown clearly openly )

Such open displays of emotion made him feel uncomfortable.

a look/expression on sb’s face

She had a rather surprised look on her face.

I could tell by the look on Dan’s face that he was disappointed.

a means of expression (= a way of expressing your feelings or opinions )

Music and art are important means of expression.

a quizzical look/expression/smile

He sat and watched her, a quizzical look on his face.

a worried expression/look

John came in with a worried look on his face.

an amused smile/look/expression etc

an expression of sympathy

I murmured an expression of sympathy.

blank face/look/expression/eyes

Zoe looked at me with a blank expression.

crazed expression

The old woman had a crazed expression on her face.

dazed look/expression etc

Her face was very pale and she wore a dazed expression.

deadpan voice/expression etc

deadpan humour

earnest expression/look/voice etc

enigmatic smile/expression etc

freedom of speech/expression (= the legal right to say what you want )

We will defend freedom of speech and oppose censorship.

incredulous look/expression/voice etc

She shot him an incredulous look.

proverbial expression

a proverbial expression

puzzled look/expression/frown etc

Alice read the letter with a puzzled expression on her face.

rapt expression

the rapt expression on his face

slang word/expression/term

smug expression/look/face/smile etc

‘I knew I’d win,’ she said with a smug smile.

stern look/voice/expression etc

‘Wait!’ I shouted in my sternest voice.

the right to freedom of expression

Everyone has the right to freedom of expression.

triumphant look/smile/expression etc

a triumphant grin

with a pained expression on his face

He sat stiffly, with a pained expression on his face .




Somiryon practises and promotes realism in art and campaign for freedom of artistic expression .

Every manner of artistic expression , every experiment, however imaginative, however preposterous or outrageous, was now permissible.

On the other hand, these laws have the potential to suppress worthwhile literary and artistic expression .

But capturing a scenic landscape wasn't always Dunn's main means of artistic expression .

You believe that artistic expression involves some kind of radical transformation.

Creativity/spirituality: no outlet for artistic expression , religious beliefs, humanitarian ideals. 17.

This worries me a little, possibly because it lacks any of those conceits of artistic expression which my vanity holds so dearly.

If I explain, the artistic expression is destroyed.


She had the same blank , anxious expression as some zoo animals have.

Through all the speeches and songs, she stood under a tree, her blank expression never changing.

All seven of her faces wear a blank expression .

He wore the same blank half-tense expression when he won as he did when he lost.

Most players wore blank , numb expressions .

That last night, when the returns started coming in, he had this blank expression on his face.


Neither man had time to conceal or alter his facial expression , and Rostov was struck by the disparity.

But the animals and the people did not have facial expressions .

It is mainly through what they verbalise as well as their facial expressions and body language.

They also notice your facial expressions .

They compared the performance of two patients on a lip-reading task and on a task which required analysis of facial expression .

These include pointing, walking in a certain direction, and facial expressions to convey emotion and communicate intentions.

Proximity, physical appearance, direction of gaze, and gestures and facial expressions all affect our perceptions of one another.

Tone of voice, facial expressions , and bodily postures can help or hinder communication.


The document advocates free access to information, as well as free expression .

And this is not bad, because it is turned into a socially beneficial force if it is allowed free expression .

It did, and free expression won.

Public memory of martial law, which ended a decade ago, continues to stifle free expression .

Another nail was driven into the coffin of free expression at this demo.

The company, however, stood by its performers in support of free expression .

It condemned the use of secret trials and accused the government of refusing to allow the free expression of opposition views.

We talk or hear a lot about free expression .


It was coming to be generally accepted by 1880 that the state was the proper political expression of the nation.

This law, however, went much further than necessary, broadly restricting the First Amendment right of political expression .

Founded to give political expression to a working class based on industry, what is their role in a post-industrial world?

Tolerance for unorthodox political expression was simply not an ideological possibility.

Yet this discontent was denied political or institutional expression .

Men must change sufficiently so that their representation of life and their political expression uphold humane values.

To do otherwise was to risk driving underground legitimate political expression , which would create worse problems in the long run.

The use of a cult as a means of political expression would be far from unparalleled.



We propose that in Raji cells the accumulation of a repressor is prevented, thus allowing gene expression .

An account of the development of behaviour within an individual would have to mention a series of environmental influences on gene expression .

There is indeed direct evidence that mechanical stress can generate intracellular signals that regulate gene expression .

From studies on living organisms it is impossible to learn details of the molecular events in IL-6 induced gene expression .

Similar effects on limb outgrowth and Hoxd gene expression were observed in forelimb cultures.



Oliver assumed an expression of extreme penitence.

When they gave political responses, we may assume that the expression of political pride was spontaneous.

He assumed a pained expression and averted his eyes.

I assumed my best dumb-brunette expression when handing this on to Humber.


Come blues, of course, find expression through raw urban rock juices rather than standard muso stodge.

Equally, social differences find religious expression .

But neither has found an authentic expression in the institutions of representative democracy.

But at the same time most people find the expression of their individuality through work.

These grievances were to find expression in the strike wave that occurred once economic conditions improved.

I looked up to see how she was taking this and found her expression largely abstracted.

In this evolving climate, work redesign techniques are finding new expressions in new applications.

That it has not yet found full expression in the Symbolic does not mean that it can not be expressed.


To give ecclesiastical expression to this conquest, a bishopric was established at Bangor in 1092.

But as General Grant was neither demonstrative nor communicative, he gave no expression whatever to his feelings.

Founded to give political expression to a working class based on industry, what is their role in a post-industrial world?

It tapped into a raging underground sea of raw religious feeling and turbulent emotion and gave it shape and expression .

In the labour movement, Ruiters' concerns have been given concrete expression .

It was George Orwell who gave the most memorable expression to the socialist patriotism of 1940.

Messenger's only desire is to talk about himself, to confess, to give expression to his huge ego.

It gives expression not to a technical aspect of the division of labour but to its social aspect.


Her hair was too short to fall far across her face, so Edward could see her expression , tender and deliberate.

We can see the soft expression in their eyes, caring and solicitous, watchful.

I couldn't see his expression in the dimness, only that he was still looking at Russell.

I could not see his expression .

Fighting against threats to young children's rights to early childhood opportunities could be seen as an expression of legitimate collective responsibility.

Now, I see a different expression in their faces.

In the darkness she could not see his expression , did not want to see it.

I should like to see his frank expression and hear his wonderful way of speaking.


His bland face showed no expression as she filled out the registration form and he handed her a key.

Steve was six feet tall, heavily built and his clean-shaven pale face showed no expression .

I look at the organizer, who shows no expression .

Recent evidence has shown that the expression of enzymes participating in biotransformation may play a part in tumour drug-resistance.

His face, always in profile, showed little expression when I glanced at it.

Epithelial cells showed no expression of tumour necrosis factor or interleukin 1 mRNA.

It has been previously shown that the expression of integrins is differently diminished in a chain-specific manner in human colorectal cancer.


But Wordsworth does not use any dialect expression , so that this difficulty need not be exaggerated.

This professor constantly uses vulgar expressions .

Whitbread and Bass have both used that expression .

She never used the same expression twice, Converse thought.

He used some such expression in the text of an unpublished essay that I later found at Harvard.

Various spreadsheet programs used different menu systems showing that the system used by Lotus was expression and not idea.

Jack had, to use a medical expression , gone ape-shit.

We can distinguish between using an expression and attending to an expression.


The face wore an undeniably evil expression .

Even at this distance, I could see that the children wore expressions of concern.

She was a small, emaciated mouse who wore a perpetually martyred expression .

He wore a glum expression when I came for him that morning.

Piper O'Rourke stepped out of the murk behind them, wearing a concerned expression .

Most players wore blank, numb expressions .

You can catch sight of yourself looking at other things than your own reflection, wearing unselfconscious expressions of interest and curiosity.

The pale woman, bosom exposed, is entwined with a dark man wearing a sullen expression and a skull cap.


a martyred look/expression/air etc

He did not reply, but got into the car glumly, with a martyred air.

appealing look/expression/voice etc

assume a manner/air/expression etc

No wonder the technique assumed an air of planet-wide importance.

Oliver assumed an expression of extreme penitence.

The only thing she could do was to assume an air of indifference.

glazed look/eyes/expression etc

But he still remembered the hidden yawns, the glazed looks and drooping eyelids.

Has anyone noticed that Nicolas Cage has gotten a sort of stoned-out, glazed look to him of late?

He did not acknowledge Conroy, but hurried on down with that glazed look of some one already encased in their next entrance.

Instead, you held your head high and let a glazed look mask your eyes.

The knock on the head alone could not account for the glazed look in her eyes.

They had the distended bellies and glazed eyes of famine.

With glazed eyes he was staring into the middle distance.

hangdog expression/look

He has his father's long face, hangdog expression and lank fair hair.

Ross was still sporting his hangdog look.

haunted expression/look

A sleepless night had added to her pallor and the haunted look in her eyes.

It still had the gaunt, haunted look that had so put Meg off before.

idiomatic expression/phrase

Does the text contain idiomatic phrases and if so, with what kind of dialect or register are these idioms associated?

if you'll pardon the expression

It's time that guy got off his ass, if you'll pardon the expression.

injured look/expression etc

murderous look/expression/glare etc

She cast a murderous look over his hard male profile.

She had stopped giving me murderous looks and seemed quite bright-eyed as we got ourselves ready to leave the ship.

pained expression/look/voice etc

As you began again, all of us around you exchanged more pained looks.

He assumed a pained expression and averted his eyes.

He finally looked at Cantor, a pained expression on his face.

His mouth was set in a prim, pained expression of disapproval.

Larry, my stepfather, sits stiffly with a pained expression on his face.

Rex made with the crossed eyes and suitably pained expression.

The ubiquitous man with the pained expression vanishes.

You noticed a vaguely pained expression enter Jackson's eyes, as if he was wondering why nothing ever proved simple.

vacant expression/look/stare etc

Brittany, the blond cheerleader, has a vacant stare and huge eyelashes.

But an oddly vacant look had come over Cinzia's features.

Eyes downcast; baby lips pulled into a frown; dull, vacant stare.

He was a bright-eyed boy, thin and fair, with a vacant expression that often gave way to shrill laughter.

He was looking round with a vacant look on his face and I was frightened.

However, just behind the vacant expression he offered me, I detected fear.

The maid's vacant expression was replaced momentarily by one of greedy expectation - shortly followed by disappointment.


'Shadow-boxing'? I've never heard that expression before!

"I'm not eating it," Maria said, with an expression of disgust on her face.

"It'll be alright in the end' -- that was my mother's favourite expression .

Each of the statues has a different facial expression .

He said he didn't care -- well actually he used a rude expression that I can't repeat!

His expression became serious as he listened to her story.

I don't normally use that expression myself, but I've heard other people use it sometimes.

Knight was a quiet man whose favorite expression was "shucks."

The expression on her face told me that she didn't want to discuss it.

Try to put a little more expression into the slow passage.

Wearing an expression of utter boredom, Harry turned back to his book.

x² + 4 is an algebraic expression .

You use the expression "break a leg" to wish an actor good luck.


Fighting against threats to young children's rights to early childhood opportunities could be seen as an expression of legitimate collective responsibility.

He was looking down, his expression shuttered.

Her expression indicated that the call was urgent.

It must be done in a context that makes it worth while or it is just an expression of talent or ego.

The director was a small, pink-cheeked man with bottle-shaped shoulders and an expression of misleading blankness.

The language makes available different types of expressions to do different types of jobs in connecting words to the world.

Whereupon, and still looking up at Papa, I felt my facial expression beginning to change.

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