Meaning of EXPRESSION in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ ɪkspreʃ(ə)n ]

( expressions)

Frequency: The word is one of the 3000 most common words in English.


The expression of ideas or feelings is the showing of them through words, actions, or artistic activities.

Laughter is one of the most infectious expressions of emotion...

...the rights of the individual to freedom of expression...

Her concern has now found expression in the new environmental protection act.

N-VAR : usu N of n


Your expression is the way that your face looks at a particular moment. It shows what you are thinking or feeling.

Levin sat there, an expression of sadness on his face...

N-VAR : usu with supp , oft poss N


Expression is the showing of feeling when you are acting, singing, or playing a musical instrument.

I don’t sing perfectly in tune, but I think I put more expression into my lyrics than a lot of other singers do.



An expression is a word or phrase.

She spoke in a quiet voice but used remarkably coarse expressions.


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