Meaning of FINGER in English


[noun] [C] - any of the long thin jointed parts of the hand, esp. those which are not thumbsHe noticed her long delicate fingers.I cut my finger when I was chopping onions last night."How many fingers have you got?" "Ten, or eight if you don't count my thumbs."See also forefinger; index finger.See picture: HandA finger is also a part of a glove which covers a finger.She was wearing black gloves that had had their fingers cut off.If you are (UK and ANZ) all fingers and thumbs/(US) all thumbs, you move your hands in an awkward or clumsy way.I'm all fingers and thumbs today. That's the third plate I've dropped this morning.(US) If you give someone the finger, you show them in an offensive way that you are angry with them by turning the back of your hand towards them and putting your middle finger up.I gave him the finger and told him I never wanted to see him again.If you have a finger in every pie, you are involved in everything that is happening.Sharon's very busy these days - she's got a finger in every pie at the moment.(US) If you have a finger in the pie, you are involved in something, often when your involvement is not wanted.It's my project but he keeps putting his finger in the pie.If someone has their fingers in the till, they are stealing money from the place where they work.She lost her job after she was caught with her fingers in the till.We're keeping our fingers crossed (= hoping strongly) for a complete recovery.He just watches TV all evening and never lifts/raises a finger (= makes any effort to help) when it comes to cooking or washing up.(UK and ANZ) She's really going to have to pull/get her finger out (= start working hard, esp. after a period of low activity) if she wants to finish before Friday.Something seemed to be wrong, but I couldn't put my finger on (= tell exactly) what it was. [T]A finger bowl is a small bowl that is filled with water so that people can wash their fingers if they have food on them, during a meal.A finger buffet is a meal on a special or formal occasion that consists of a wide choice of usually cold food which can be eaten with the fingers rather than with knives, forks or spoons. The guests serve themselves and often eat standing up.Finger food is food that you can hold and eat in your hand without using knives, forks or spoons.

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