Meaning of FRIEND in English


(COMPANION) [noun] [C] - a person whom you know well and whom you like a lot, but who is usually not a member of your familyShe's my best/oldest/closest friend - we've known each other since we were five.He's a family friend/friend of the family.This restaurant was recommended to me by a friend of mine (= one of the people I like a lot).We've been friends (= have liked each other) for many years.José and Pilar are (good) friends of ours (= we like them).We're (good) friends with José and Pilar (= we like them).She said that she and Peter were just (good) friends (= they were not having a serious or sexual relationship).I've made a lot of friends (= met people whom I like a lot) in my new job.He's the kind of person who finds it difficult to make friends (= form relationships with people he likes a lot).Emily has made friends with (= formed a relationship with and likes) a new child in her class at school.Now children, can't you be friends (= behave in a pleasant way that shows that you like each other) and play quietly together?See also befriend.A friend is also someone who is not an enemy and whom you can trust.You don't have to pretend anymore - you're among friends now.(dated or humorous) Friend can also be used when you are addressing or talking about someone, esp. someone who is familiar to you or your listeners.Well, my friends, I think it's time to go. [as form of address]Well, I suppose it's time I went to see my old friend the dentist again!(formal) In Britain, lawyers refer to each other when they are in court as my learned friend, and Members of Parliament when they are in Parliament refer to each other as my honourable friend.A person or organization that is a friend to/of someone or something helps and supports them.Thank you for being such a good friend to me, when I had all that trouble.She's no friend of the Socialists (= She disagrees with and does not support them).The Friends of (= The organization which supports) the Royal Academy raised £10 000 towards the cost of the exhibition.If you have friends in high places, you know important people whom you can ask for support and help in getting what you want.Friends of the Earth is an international organization which aims to protect the environment.(saying) 'A friend in need (is a friend indeed)' means a friend who helps you when you really need help is a true friend.(saying) 'With friends like you, who needs enemies' means although you are my friend, you are treating me very badly.(saying) 'What are friends for?/That's what friends are for' means that someone has said or done the particular thing that they have said or done because they are your friend.

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