Meaning of FRIEND in English


n. 1 (boon) companion, partner, comrade, crony, familiar, confidant(e), intimate, Achates, alter ego, ally, compeer; acquaintance, playmate, pen-pal or Brit also pen-friend; Colloq chum, pal, Brit cocker, Chiefly Brit and Australian and New Zealand mate, Australian cobber, US and Canadian (bosom) buddy, SW US compadre; Slang Brit (old) china She is spending the weekend with some friends 2 ally, associate, fellow, confederate, colleague, co-worker, confrère, compatriot, consociate, US cohort A friend from the office is coming to dinner 3 room-mate, bunk-mate, flatmate, soul mate, bedfellow, lover, sweetheart, escort; girl, woman, girlfriend, concubine, mistress, Old-fashioned doxy; man, boyfriend, Old-fashioned beau; Colloq US alternative other, POSSLQ (= 'Person of the Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters'), roomie; Slang baby, moll, sugar-daddy, US squeeze, twist, Chiefly Brit bird Chris, why don't you introduce us to your new friend? 4 benefactor, patron, supporter, advocate, adherent, backer, financier, Maecenas; angel, investor: He has long been associated with the Friends of the Library

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