Meaning of FRIEND in English




a childhood friend

He married his childhood friend.

a circle of friends

Over the years she had established a circle of good friends.

a school friend

She met some old school friends.

among friends

Jim relaxed, knowing he was among friends .

dear friend

Mark became a dear friend .

fair-weather friend

faithful friend

a faithful friend

false friend

firm friends (= close friends )

Diana and Laura have been firm friends since their early teens.

friend of hers

Paul’s a friend of hers .

friend of mine

I want you to meet an old friend of mine .

friend of theirs

They shared the prize money with a friend of theirs .

friend of yours

Is Maria a friend of yours ?

friends and relations

We miss our friends and relations in the UK.

friends and relatives

About thirty-five close friends and relatives attended the wedding.

friends of his

Garry introduced us to some friends of his .

friends of ours

The Thackers are friends of ours .

Friends Provident Trophy, the

have a circle of friends/acquaintances etc

She was beautiful and had a wide circle of admirers.

lifelong friend

She became a lifelong friend of ours.

long-lost brother/cousin/friend etc

long-time friend/lover etc

pen friend

sb’s few belongings/friends etc

I gathered together my few possessions.

school friend

the best of friends (= very close friends )

They became the best of friends .

the days/dreams/friends etc of sb’s youth

He had long ago forgotten the dreams of his youth.




He named a man who, as I have said, was a very close friend of mine.

One of those Bill GatesAnn Winblad situations where you part the closest of friends and then what?

For seventy years Max Jacob has been regarded as Modigliani's closest friend .

Bulger has maintained that the trips were nothing more than personal vacations with a close friend .

They tried to assassinate her; and killed off two of her closest political friends , Airey Neave and Ian Gow.

The brilliant artist Peter Ellenshaw a close friend of Bill, was in a similar situation.

Brother to the Good Sir James, the Bruce's closest friend .

Sometimes he shared an outline or argument with his close friend Hal Owen, the country vet.


I know I should not allow one of my dearest friends to discover so late on of my romantic attachment ....

My dear friend , I beg you to let us go ahead with our plan.

He was a dear friend to many and will be greatly and sadly missed.

But posting a bond would be risky even for a dear friend .

She deserved no less, for she was the kindest, sweetest, dearest friend he had in the world.

But the fact that you were a close and dear friend to my parents gives us a close bond, nevertheless.

First of all, my dearest man friend died of cancer, aged forty-two.


She was always a good friend to me.

I sit on the curb outside my house, talking about books with my best friends , Freddie and Susan.

All I want is some friends , but as soon as I get some real good friends they go off and leave me.

Like third-grade best friends , these girls are not going to be separated.

And he was a very good friend to Tom.

Q: You and Faye Dunaway are good friends .

As little as possible, but some of my best friends love it, so it depends on them.

Both had grandsons who were best friends in the same grade in the same school.


All of them were vaguely connected by work, or school, or mutual friends .

Yes, he must have, though l had no word from mutual friends or my parents or sister.

It was enough to have discovered one true mutual friend whose testimony could be relied upon.

He did not say so, but I presumed that a mutual friend had told him about my separation and divorce.

She was a staunch Methodist and a great admirer of our mutual friend Edna Jacques, of whom we often spoke.


All kinds of people came to see plays and Will was making a lot of new friends .

Then she races to recess with her new friend .

Male speaker I've been juggling for about 5 months and it's a good place to meet new friends .

So he devoted himself to his many New York friends and to the Manhattan social scene.

They perhaps correspond in some ways to those of our new friend , Mr Bodenland.

Try to get out and about whenever possible, making new friends and contacts.

My New York friend had the right idea.


So while helping my old friend , I would be losing him at the same time.

I was dawdling over dessert, still killing time, when an old friend , Rose Dikas, slid into my booth.

I share digs with an old school friend of mine, Daphne Harcourt-Browne.

It was in the handwriting of my old friend Henry Jekyll.

The old life, the old adventures, the old friends .

He enjoyed being with his old friends in Jerusalem.

Luigi, the fat, jovial owner, greeted Michele like an old friend .

You've moved house and now live in an area away from your family and old friends .


Always helpful, he said he would have a word with Mallett, a personal friend , on my behalf.

Mter all, the doctor is a personal friend .

Come on all you personal friends of Batts out there; is this report true?

They were close personal friends in addition to business partners.

And if the new owners wish to allow in personal friends as members, why not.

Or maybe the greedy merchant is a personal friend .

Abbado is also a joy, and Barenboim I would now count as a personal friend .

The coroner was John Lancelot Martin, a personal friend of the deceased, as were several members of the jury.



She was an old school friend , although we were out of school by then.

There she was able to board with the family of an old school friend .

He phoned an old school friend named Andy Rourke.

One successful enterprise was started by two high school friends who loved to eat.

He cadged fivers off various old school friends and workmates to tide him over until he could get to the bank.

How would my secondary school friends have described me?

On Friday evenings, he often attended a disco with school friends in a church hall near to it.



She had asked her friend to take her to see where Benny would be a student.

By then, the prosecutor said, Lawhone was obsessed with the girl and began asking friends to help kidnap her.

You could either ask a gardening friend if they could give you one or you could try and take one yourself.

First, ask friends and family who they use.

My daughter had asked a couple of friends from university to stay.

For the event walkers are asked to solicit friends , family, associates and others as sponsors.

I asked a young friend to read to me because I have difficulty in reading.

If she had been a timid child, she would probably have asked her friend Balie Waggener.


You need to know your enemy before you can make it your friend and yes, fear can become your friend.

My six closest friends in the world all became close friends at Harvard Business School.

Endill and the Bookman became great friends .

It has become like an old friend , seen daily: not always dependable, but usually interesting, and sometimes right.

It is also where she first met many of the people who have since become loyal and supportive friends .

Which was around the time that Delia and Tammy became friends .

Freemantle knew Leapor's writing long before they had actually become friends .

Mike and I became friends at school, and I often had him to stay at my parents' house on weekends.


Perhaps you are going on an outing or meeting a friend .

On the way over I met a friend , Dave, out jogging.

He met his friends in the small wood outside the village.

Although this particular occasion was rather marred by our mishap it was great to meet old friends again.

Colleagues wept as they told how she planned to meet up with a friend for a two-week walking holiday.

Through the Pattens, Joe met many new friends , some highly influential, others merely famous.


For eight days he lingered in Clifton, staying with friends , until the river cleared and the service resumed.

The family were surprised to hear that he had written to his father asking if he could bring a friend to stay .

Instead, the older girl said, Garcia spoke of staying with friends and relatives in Houston.

I decided to go and stay with friends and tried to push it out of my head.

I stay with my friend Allan, a flaky architect I had briefly been infatuated with in 1983.

But she was staying with friends .

Hammeed was staying with family friends .


You can tell all your friends !

Think of it as a form of computer dating you can actually tell your friends about.

I told my friend Bridget it was up to us to keep watch.

Filled with shame, she rarely tells a friend how inept, depressed, or restless she feels.

I smiled at both of them and told his friend my clothes suited him.

First, I was told she was visiting friends .

Only he and Mallachy knew about it, and sometimes he regretted that he'd told his friend .

The second thing is to tell your friend to get lost.


Early one spring I drove down to South Carolina to visit some friends .

The abbe had allowed me to visit friends .

First, I was told she was visiting friends .

One day they were invited to visit some old friends who had moved to Hereford.

She also took the time to visit a Denison House friend of hers in Sheffield.

She said she was on her way home after visiting friends when the incident happened.

How often did Fred Taylor visit the homes of friends from the shop or otherwise see them outside work hours?


best friend

Caroline and her best friend both had babies within three weeks of each other.

Stuart is just my brother's best friend - I've known him since I was six.

We lived next door to each other when we were kids, and we've been best friends ever since.

After all - the man was one of his best friends, wasn't he?

Although many people would disagree, radio is without doubt the musician's best friend.

Didn't any of his best friends tell him?

He was like a kid who had found a new best friend, and she was it.

He was not allowed to mention the slaughtering to anyone, not even as a special secret between best friends.

I also learned to become my own best friend.

Trials so that her injured best friend Kay Poe could advance.

When Julie had a home problem, her two best friends at work tried to offer advice based on their own experiences.

bosom friend/buddy/pal

Benny and Garry were bosom pals once again.

He was still my friend, my bosom friend.

It is an open secret that he and Reg Pybus are bosom pals.

It is now that man contemplates, for it is now that the sea is a bosom friend.

Queequeg says they are now married-meaning they are bosom friends who would defend each other to the death.

The first was affection of the kind that binds families together, or bosom pals.

There was less arguing after that, but the two actors never became bosom buddies and never worked together again.

fast friends

Ishmael and Queequeg become fast friends.

Other volunteers want to become fast friends and cultural advisers.

The two become fast friends and Herbert gently and tactfully instructs Pip in social behaviour appropriate for a gentleman.

The two of them immediately became fast friends.

They never, however, became hard and fast friends and there was an unspoken rivalry between them.

Within a few years they had become fast friends.

feathered friend

However, don't feed your feathered friends very dry bread, desiccated coconut or salty food.

No gratitude came from feathered friends.

furry friends

lady friend

Henry had just come in with his new lady friend.

Bringing one of your lady friends?

Frank had given Terence's gramophone to a lady friend, and would he please not tell Mum?

Henry had just come in with his new lady friend, Lila Sams.

Michael Lamonte, according to his lady friend, was filming at Pinewood.

There was something about Tom's lady friend that seemed familiar and yet Joe couldn't quite place her.

They had hired two massive and attractive, expensive houses, and were accompanied by two attractive and expensive lady friends.

They tell their lady friends, and then all secrecy is lost.

You had two tables, the second one to accommodate your lady friends.

man's best friend

mutual friend/interest

His earliest rape, of a 19year-old girl, happened the previous year after they met via a mutual friend.

It was enough to have discovered one true mutual friend whose testimony could be relied upon.

She just wanted a mutual friend's number.

The officials were eager to stress the mutual interests of our two countries and a future full of cooperation.

The participating States also envisage holding future seminars on topics of mutual interest.

Their mutual interest had transcended the age difference, and he had invited her back to his island home on Grand Cayman.

personal friend

He was a personal friend of the Kennedys.

I need to do as well for Roy Peck, my personal friend.

Mter all, the doctor is a personal friend.

Or you may be a personal friend of Lucian Freud - lucky old you.

The most obvious of these clubs is composed of officials' personal friends.

The range was inspired, in 1935, by the Pasha of Marrakech, a personal friend of Louis Cartier.

Their leaders, who were once close personal friends, are no longer on speaking terms.

They were close personal friends in addition to business partners.

some friend you are/some help she was etc

the Honourable Gentleman/the Honourable Lady/my Honourable Friend/the Honourable Member


Friends, we are gathered here today to witness the marriage of John and Beth.

Dad, this is my friend Steve.

Don't worry, you're among friends here.

I'm going out for a drink with a friend of mine tonight.

I got a letter from a friend from college.

Jerry, I'd like to introduce you to my friend Lucinda.

John was a really good friend to me when I had all those problems last year.

She's going to Palm Springs with some friends.

Who goes there? Friend or foe?


And, you know, we all lost a good friend .

He flew to Phoenix to be with our friends in their time of suffering.

Her parents spent weeks sleeping on a hospital floor, while her sister, Caroline was being cared for by friends.

The horse cropped at a leisurely pace through the flat Fenland countryside, Illingworth fretting while my friend gazed about calmly.

The presence of a bodyguard was a constant reminder of the invisible veil which separated her from her family and friends.

The three friends have printed 5, 000 copies of the book, but refuse to say how much they spent.

The trouble started after friends tried to stop him driving because he'd been drinking.

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