Meaning of GROUP in English

[noun] [C + singular or plural verb] - a number of people or things that are put together or considered as a unitI'm meeting a group of friends for dinner tonight.The car was parked near a small group of trees.She showed me another group of pictures, this time of children playing.They are hoping to organize a campaign group that will aim to get better conditions for prisoners.Inert gases form one group of the periodic table.A group is also a number of people who play music together, especially popular music.What's your favourite group?She began her career by singing in a pop group.A group captain is an officer in the British air force.A group practice is several doctors who work together in the same place.The Group of Seven ( G7) are the seven industrial countries of Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Britain, the United States and Germany which meet together to discuss and make plans.Group therapy is treatment in which people meet in a group to talk about their emotional problems, with a trained leader or doctor present.

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