Meaning of GROUP in English

I. noun


a chain/group of islands

Our destination was a chain of islands, sixty miles east of Taiwan.

a community group

Community groups do not have enough say over what is built in their neighbourhoods.

a conservation group (= a group of people who support or work for conservation )

the growing number of conservation groups

a consumer group (= an organization that protects consumers’ rights )

There have been complaints from consumer groups about the high prices charged by some companies.

a group booking/block booking (= a booking for a large number of seats, rooms etc )

There's a 20% discount for group bookings.

a group email (= one sent to several people at the same time )

Those group emails telling you who is leaving and joining the company are so boring.

a group of individuals

We need to perform as a team rather than a group of individuals.

a group/party of tourists

The guide was talking to a party of tourists.

a leisure group (= a group of companies in the leisure industry )

The leisure group reported record profits last year.

a minority group

It’s ridiculous to refer to women as a minority group.

a protest group/movement

Students at the heart of the protest movement have called for a general strike.

a resistance group

The resistance groups are well armed.

a team/group/project etc leader

Ask your team leader for advice.

a terrorist group/organization

No terrorist group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.

a voluntary organization/group/body/agency

The day care scheme was run by a voluntary organization.

ad hoc committee/group etc

age group

a book for children in the 12–14 age group

an ability group (= a group that students are taught in, based on their level of ability )

Children are divided into different ability groups.

an age group/bracket/range

Men in the 50–65 age group are most at risk from heart disease.

The school takes in children from the seven to eleven age range.

an environmental group

a campaign by environmental groups to protect the Antarctic

an ethnic group

People of Ukrainian descent are Canada’s fifth largest ethnic group.

an income level/group

The tax rate rises with the individual’s income level.

animal rights activists/campaigners/groups etc

Bill has been involved in the animal rights movement for years.

arrange sth in pairs/groups etc

The children were arranged in lines according to height.

blood group

book group

consumer group

control group/population/sample etc

A control group of non-smoking women was compared to four groups of women smokers.

distinct types/groups/categories etc

There are four distinct types.

focus group

food group

ginger group

group captain

group dynamics

He did research on group dynamics and leadership styles.

group dynamics

group practice

group sb/sth into categories

Let’s start by grouping the books into categories.

group therapy

group/bereavement/debt etc counselling

a debt counselling service

high-risk patients/groups etc

cancer screening for women over 55 and other high-risk groups

in the ... age group

a book for children in the 12–14 age group

interest group

loose federation/alliance/group etc

a loose federation of political groups

peer group

the TV shows that are popular with his peer group

pop group

pressure group

environmental pressure groups

rival factions/groups

My task is to unite the rival factions within the party.

sb's blood type/group (= one of the different types of human blood )

What blood type are you?

self-help group

a self-help group for single parents

set up/establish a working group (to do sth)

The commission has set up a special working group to look at the problem.

special interest group

splinter group

support group

user group

working group

The commission has set up a special working group to look at the problem.




Those projects covered a range of different client groups .

Photographs and brief biographies of the major subjects accompany different portrait groups .

Because different groups have different values and understandings of right and wrong, the state would have to be neutral between them.

They could contain schools with different age groups and varying styles and ways of organizing.

This leads to the relationships between different groups , including groups from different cultures.

But now, there are so many different groups out there.

And flower names for the different groups .

Rather, many different groups become active in the political process on a narrow range of issues relevant to their interests.


The 25 members of the commission include representatives from the car, oil, chemical and other industries as well as from environmental groups .

But Selikoff persisted in his campaign against asbestos, aided and abetted by labor unions and environmental groups .

Five years ago, increasingly concerned about the environment, he decided to work directly for an environmental group .

Her decision drew strong criticism from environmental groups , nuclear non-proliferation activists and some members of Congress.

Proceeds go to the environmental group in the fight to save creatures killed in their thousands in nets set to catch tuna.

George Miller, D-Martinez, which has the backing of environmental groups , is stalled in committee.

The Environmental Defense Fund, a Washington-based environmental group , endorsed the plan.


The master list includes about a dozen organisations covering the main ethnic groups .

Different ethnic groups within the country have been engaged in a civil war for more than forty-five years.

This was the rendezvous for every ethnic group .

By 2015, two populations, composed of very different ethnic groups , faced each other as adversaries across a great divide.

Snobs abound, mustn't live the wrong side of the tracks, which ethnic group are you?

Other restive ethnic groups will now be quicker to resort to arms.

Mr Pejic has consistently refused to broadcast propaganda for any one ethnic group .

Certain ethnic groups are at higher risk for developing diabetes.


The largest identifiable youth group are the monks.

The coffee to which Wynn was invited included an unusually large group of senior White House and party officials.

The largest group affected is, as we have already noted, that consisting of the associatives discussed in Chapter 2.

Adolescent girls are the largest group of new smokers in the United States.

What percentage of people are in each of these two largest groups ?

We have a very large immigrant group , in the city and coming in to the university.

He reflects on his own diffidence and awkwardness in large groups .

He also lacked experience leading a large group , and he was sometimes abrasive and patronizing.


A few months ago they were a rag-bag of local pressure groups .

Instead, clients had become small local groups doing small, local things.

However, the Teams are always looking for new ideas which they can work on in partnership with local groups and individuals.

Some of the most dynamic individuals in these local groups developed a national network.

Ask at your council or local advice group if you are unsure what you can claim.

The plans include changing the bill of rights, restoring police power to ban protests and restricting foreign funding of local groups .

As a member of a local group you can receive a newsletter and attend regular social meetings.

The local chamber of commerce prepared a promotional film on redevelopment that was shown to scores of local groups .


Several other groups , including some psychiatrists, began to investigate the drug chlorpromazine about the same time.

Within a few years the movies had added a significant number of other social groups to its audience.

For other groups the authors note that the overall marginal tax rate was at an historically high level in excess of 60 percent.

Trade unions and other groups can be officially affiliated to the Labour Party.

The polishers, and several other groups could also reach that level of pay.

By now the pressure from the other group members was enormous, but the four in possession of the body resisted by staying close together.

The challenge to this interpretation comes from the performance of the two other groups shown in the figure.

Like most other molluscan groups they rapidly diversified in the Ordovician.


Ideology can be seen as a set of beliefs and values which express the interests of a particular social group .

Some legislators feel such deep loyalty to particular group or societal norms that they seldom experience seriously conflicting pressures.

In the Roman Catholic Church priests are sometimes appointed to look after the needs of a particular ethnic group .

Similarly, other centralised reservation systems are in operation which are not attached to any particular group .

One aspect of this was to focus on the experiences of particular groups: the poor, women and ethnic minorities.

The holdings of particular newspaper groups fell into no tidy pattern.

If you fail to experience tension you must try to develop your own exercise which serves to tense that particular muscle group .

It does not maintain that all criminal laws directly express the interests of one particular group , such as the ruling class.


Eurosceptic business and political groups said the figures proved that Britain could thrive without losing its currency.

Most individuals rely on political groups to represent their interests within the political system.

During and after the Gorbachev regime many political groups were formed.

Well-intentioned white allies of black political groups are even more susceptible to this mistake than most black leaders.

Weber's view of parties suggests that the relationship between political groups and class and status groups is far from clear cut.

Types of Interest Groups To this point, we have not distinguished among political interest groups .

Members of political groups went on brief raids into its ranks, and returned with little except contempt for its prospects.

Instead, political interest groups reach out directly, using computerized mailing lists and modems in addition to the old-fashioned campaign techniques.


Such a powerbase is potentially much more difficult to change in the interests of a small discriminated-against group .

These are all small ethnic groups , mere specks on the map.

They also set up and run small group discussions, which is done by independent free-lance researchers as well.

Analysis Have the students answer the following questions in small groups .

The only proof provided for such inflammatory allegations is that anarchists are organising into small groups , and these groups are autonomous.

There is a small group of parents who are concerned with behavior modification.

The few guests that remained stood about in small , shocked groups .

Children have choices in literary activities; they collaborate in pairs, in small groups , and with their teachers.


The bureaucracy represented a stable social group with a specific psychological style.

Each of them has gods and ancestors whose respective power closely corresponds to that of the social groups themselves.

However, each social group in Bradford uses the zero variant more than the corresponding group in Norwich.

Marx argues that a social group only fully becomes a class when it becomes a class for itself.

Differences between the two main social groups in the community were most evident in the question of landscape control and identity.

One of the most characteristic signals of a cat entering or leaving a social group is the raising of its tail.

This brings us to our third point, that of geographical mobility as it affects different social groups .

In particular, the relationship between the major social groups is one of exploitation and oppression.


Recruiting the practices through a special interest group and through self selection is likely to have biased results.

The 1995 version was the first set of guidelines to include oral testimony from special interest groups and individuals.

The same applies to the subject of Section 10-4: the impact of special interest groups and class conflict.

But both note that there are a growing number of special groups that might need supplements.

Open daily. Special terms for groups booked in advance.

Changes resulted from outsiders impacting the plant-Hanes management, external consultants, special interest groups , and other plants.

These set limits to the level of contributions with the aim to prevent candidates from becoming obligated to special interest groups .

In selecting this special group of children, it seemed to-me that Edward deserved the extra help as much as anyone.



One half of all women aged 65+ are widowed, compared to just one fifth of men in this age group .

It made me proud of my age group .

To be sure, there are more young men and women in this age group because of the 1960's baby boom.

Next Saturday, the state championship for casting accuracy will be held, with two age groups , 7-10 and 11-14.

In 1981 there were marked differences in the marital status of men and women in the older age groups .

The competition is divided into two age groups , six-eleven and 12-16.

Is the debate about reducing waiting lists less relevant to the medical care needs of older people than the younger age groups ?

Event 14 at Nottingham perhaps attracted the largest entry for the 14 and Under and 11 and Under age groups .


The codex secretariat has pressed governments to encourage more consumer groups to attend.

After objections from consumer groups , however, Kaiser decided in November to eliminate bonuses related to shorter hospital sta ys.

Join a consumers group and lobby for government legislation to make manufacturers label their products fully and accurately.

Ten consumer groups , along with some veterinarians and meat inspectors, are urging even tougher action.

The consumer group encourages the women to continue.

Its members include major airlines, automakers, labor unions, medical societies, consumer groups and some insurance companies.

But consumer groups , which have insisted that genetically modified foods should be labelled as such, rejected the plan.

He ignored complaints from alarmed consumer groups in order to maintain popular momentum for a measure he regards as essential.


A control group included five patients with no evidence of pancreatic disease.

By contrast, productivity for the control group rose just 3. 9 percent.

A group of young people without Saturday jobs, will act as a control group.

By comparison, only 23 percent of the infants in the control group lived in homes that had suffered recent water damage.

One patient in the control group died of pulmonary embolism.

Experimental designs always have an independent or cause variable present and a control group .

These differences were mostly caused by the increase in the weights in the treated groups compared with the control group.

Attention is focused on the organization undergoing change, rather than on comparison with any control group .


Recruiting the practices through a special interest group and through self selection is likely to have biased results.

Major interest groups can also exert influence through their compliance or noncompliance with the government policy process.

The representativeness of service users' involvement is questioned far beyond that of other interest groups .

A major segment of local ISPs is the thousands of bulletin board systems catering to different interest groups .

Gerry: It's really strange how the special interest groups of oppressed people came into existence.

Types of Interest Groups To this point, we have not distinguished among political interest groups .

It comprises the entire body politic, with all its citizens and all their interest groups and social movements.

Because politicians tend to be driven by interest groups ? public managers-unlike their private counterparts-must factor interest groups into every equation.


A family systems approach to work with minority groups must take account of all these factors.

Wilson has been under fire from many minority groups because of his campaign against affirmative action programs.

A smaller labour market creates a window of employment opportunity for minority groups , including those who are disabled.

It is not the fact that you belong to minority groups , but how you handle them that counts.

Hacker believes that the position of women in society is analogous to that of minority groups such as immigrants and Blacks.

Then pick another minority group and do the same exercise again.

There were also several minority group demonstrations in December.

The proprietors have no desire to discriminate against any-one and in fact have several members of minority groups on their payroll.


Cosmopolitans were defined as showing higher levels of commitment to specialized skills and professional peer group judgement than to the employing organization.

Anything that deviates from what is customary is going to raise questions among the peer group .

Where affection is the preserve of family and friends, status is more the preserve of the wider peer group or community.

It might be that this peer group is the best possibility available to the extremist-activist to achieve closeness with anyone.

The peer group makes decisions in a democratic way, with all owners having a say in the final decision.

Rather, the programs will use school-based education programs, family members and peer groups .

The adolescent uses the peer group to evaluate the perspectives of others, while developing his or her own values and attitudes.

Questions that the peer group are likely to ask of a design could include: Can bespoke programs use library routines?


The influence of pressure groups and special interests will become pervasive.

The role of pressure groups such as the drink industry and motoring organizations will be considered.

The emphasis on councillors, officers and pressure groups proved to be a great limitation.

This type of comment was backed up by a small pressure group which acted independently of the main Association at public meetings.

This research will study interactions between industry, government and pressure groups in the regulation of biotechnology hazards.

At present victims must take their claims to court ... a pressure group says the Government should pay.


Three women are now ready for an informal support group to share their experiences of the child protection system.

This can form part of the deeper work of a support group or a counselling relationship.

The strategic support group ground rules were all they needed to get started.

One of lung cancer's success stories, he runs a support group for lung cancer patients and their families.

They seek shelter in a Sunday night support group .

The invalid care allowance she receives is 33.70 a week Marian set up a support group for carers in Oxfordshire.

We can speak and share our stories and be quiet, like a support group .


But the conventional longwall work organisation fails to build these tacit skills into the work groups .

Then, the selection system itself prepares the candidate for successful entry into the work group .

Group norms Work groups differ from free-forming groups outside employment in that they evolve over long periods of time.

Here, Nucor organizes its work force into small work groups of twenty-five or thirty-five people.

In most work groups , both roles emerge clearly.

Employees are paid bonuses based upon the production of their work group over a predetermined standard.

By the end of the month it had been codified into a document which was widely circulated for study among work groups .

These employees are paid based upon what they produce either individually or as members of small work groups .



A child prodigy, Balling won a jazz contest in 1944 and formed his own small group .

Bone destruction is commonly seen in this disorder with the plasma cells forming densely packed groups in the lytic areas.

They formed a woodcarving group and set about carving bench ends.

He took some still pictures of them with his Leica, and they immediately formed groups , asking him to take more.

First, older people do not form an exclusive group , but one of which every individual will eventually become a member.

They formed a warm jostling group of six.

The Upper Mill formed part of a group of buildings around Standish Court and stood immediately to the rear.

We want to form structured groups .


It is argued that this is a significant factor in reducing the likelihood of girls joining delinquent groups .

After Claire joined a consciousness-raising group , she began to use the word quite freely.

Recently I joined a drama group - I may have said.

I joined a group of about twenty volunteers.

I joined an eight person group one Saturday morning at ParAvion's centre in Bishops Cannings.

Alexander joined the group with a $ 1 investment.

Father even allows quite unrelated youngsters to join the family group if they will take on some of the work of baby-carrying.

Perhaps Gladys would join the group of Leicester ladies who were fluttering with anticipation in the back corner.


It's hard driven, but Tommy is unmistakeably a jazz drummer, very crisp and energetic and clearly leading the group .

Mickelson had a 71 to lead a group of five players at 203.

Conscious of the straining ears of the rest of the company, Paul Lexington led the little group out into the corridor.

Currently, he leads an investment group that has reacquired Canary Wharf from a bank consortium.

Any major omission will lead to a group of documents which can not be classified under the scheme.

More recently, he has been teaching in Los Angeles and leading his own groups .

Mitchell said last week as she led her group of pupils and parent volunteers along the native plants trail.


action group/committee etc

A shareholders action committee has been formed to see if any value can be obtained.

Members of a local action group say this isn't good enough.

Members of political action committees might have hoped for a little breather before being hit up again for money.

Outhwaite names' champion Peter Nutting is to head a new working party to co-ordinate syndicate action groups.

Political action committees, which are more active in congressional races, represented only 2 percent of the presidential campaign coffers.

They've formed an action committee to try to recover the funds.

Traffickers have become a political action committee.

Under the Apostolic listing are prison visiting, family contacts, catechism classes, Catholic action groups and Sunday schools.

at-risk children/patients/groups etc

First, that it detects the affected or at-risk groups, and second that these can then be referred for suitable treatment.

Other potential strategies include the provision of vitamin A supplements to at-risk groups.

breakaway group/party/movement

De Rossa said that his breakaway group would form a new democratic socialist party.

Members of a breakaway group who blocked traffic in University Square the same evening were forcibly dispersed by police.

Nor were there frustrated breakaway movements from a handful of top clubs.

Thus the breakaway group, organizing its own exhibition, was an obvious initiative.

chart-topping record/group/hit etc

fringe group/event/issue etc

After the uproar created by Nicholas Tolstoy over the Cossack repatriations, the fringe groups had been taken very seriously.

Few attendees doubted that some fringe groups would respond violently.

One girl shared her story of a fringe group, which for ten years had dominated her life.

The remaining 5 percent aligned themselves with fringe groups such as the Natural Law, Green and Libertarian parties.

To transform a scholarly consensus into something that appears the obsession of a disreputable fringe group requires more than accidental bias.

interested party/group

All interested parties are invited to attend the meeting.

Almost 1500 copies were despatched, ensuring that the proposals reached as many interested parties as possible.

At the other end of the political spectrum, some left-leaning think tanks take money from interested parties.

Costs and expenses Article 12 of the Convention specifies that costs and other expenses must be borne by the interested parties.

Every effort will be made to accommodate requests to provide all interested parties with the same information.

Information memoranda should not be sent to interested parties until a signed confidentiality letter has been received.

Local authorities must also respond to requests for information from a variety of interested groups.

That is increasingly being recognised by many interested parties.

The Department of Education is inviting interested parties to submit comments on the new support arrangements by October 31.

target audience/group/area etc

It is worth reiterating here the point that the media offer a means of influencing your target audiences.

Most of its students are the provincial poor, the target audience of leftist guerrilla groups.

Providing prevention materials to state health departments will ensure that target groups have ready access to such materials.

The target areas were both moderate. income tracts of South Phoenix. 4.

The approach involves identifying variations in the functioning of target areas and relating those variations to known differences in cortical function.

The key is to analyze the target audience, Half said.

The other major target group is those hospitalised with infectious illnesses.

We know the terrain in the target area is complicated, rugged.

umbrella organization/group/agency etc

About 130 professional and human-rights groups are folded into Concilio Cubano, a rickety umbrella group set up last year.

Inpeg, the Czech environmentalist umbrella group that organised the protests, refused to condemn Molotov cocktails being thrown at police.

La Raza is an umbrella group of almost 200 Hispanic advocacy groups.

The umbrella group we'd formed in 1987 had fallen into abeyance, but the name still meant something.


A group of new houses is to be built on the old playing-field.

A group of us went out for a drink to celebrate Sonia's birthday.

a rock group

A small group had gathered outside the stage door.

an old photograph of a group of soldiers sitting on the ground

Families in the lowest income group could not afford to educate their children.

Men stood in groups on street corners.

News International is a group of companies that produce newspapers and TV programmes.

Outside the school, little groups of friends were talking to each other.

Robberies were common on the lonely roads, so people usually travelled in groups.

The factory was burned down by a group of animal-rights activists.

The good thing about the class is that all the students belong to the same age group .

The hospital is desperate for donors from the rhesus negative blood group .

The house was hidden behind a tall group of trees.

The Pearson Group owns a diverse array of companies.

The teacher told us to get into groups of three.

The tickets are expensive, but there is a discount for school groups.

Their policy was to keep demonstrators from different political groups apart.

Today you will learn a new group of verbs.

We got all the family together for a group photo.


Each one of perhaps a group of four should prepare a brief summary of an article of general interest.

He was one of the very few posters when the Weekly briefly tried to maintain an online discussion group .

Inter-Company and Consortium programmes are run for organisations sponsoring smaller groups and provide a useful cross cultural experience.

Locally we already have two Pittses and a Chipmunk group operating, and have aerobatic training available at both Perth and Dundee.

The group is to be featured in a full-length movie later this year and recently signed a contract to promote Pepsi.

The talks I had with members of the group I recreated in my Conversations in Bloomsbury.

These research subjects are presumed to be ignorant and vulnerable groups in society and almost always include students.

II. verb




Its position indicates that in the past houses were grouped around this area rather than in the lengthy one-street formation as now.

Three others - all of an equally modest size - grouped around it.

The rooms are all grouped around one or more peristyles.


Relevant statutory provisions may be grouped together or scattered through the judgment.

If individuals of similar income were grouped together , the outcome might be unstable.

Your reference materials should be sorted out and grouped together around each subheading within the proposal outline.

For collectors there was a splendid array of miscellaneous artefacts grouped together in sections.

They are arranged by faculty with all the degrees offered by a particular faculty grouped together .

Here and there the anti-Fascists were grouped together and running fights broke out with the Blackshirts.

Members are organised in local branches grouped together in regions that are overseen by voluntary Regional Directors.



Then, when the data have been collected, the respondents are grouped into homogeneous categories according to their scores for selected variables.


The criticisms that users gave can be grouped under four headings .

These new military technologies can be grouped under three main headings .


The words are grouped into sets , with ten words per set and twelve sets in all.

These were grouped into four sets of four placed at 90 intervals round the circumference of the module.


Julia sat down at the piano, and the others grouped together to sing.

Students grouped around the notice board to read their exam results.

The plates were grouped according to color and size.


One metric by which collocations may be measured and grouped is to rate them on a scale of probability.

Second, services were grouped together with respect to the scale upon which they needed to be provided.

The main body spots are grouped in rosettes.

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