Meaning of NEITHER in English


[determiner], [pronoun], conjunction, [adverb] [not gradable] - not one and not the other of two things or peopleWe've got two TVs, but neither works properly.We've got a difficult decision to make, because neither option is very pleasant.I asked two people to help me start my car, but neither of them knew what to do.Neither one of us is particularly interested in gardening."Which one would you choose?" "Neither. They're both terrible."If she doesn't agree to the plan, neither will Tom (= Tom also will not).Chris wasn't at the meeting and neither was her assistant.(informal) "I don't feel like going out this evening." "Me neither."On two occasions she was accused of stealing money from the company, but in neither case was there any evidence to support the claims.You can use neither...nor when you want to say that two or more things are not true.Neither my mother nor my father went to university.Vegans eat neither meat, nor fish, nor animal products.My doctor told me I should neither smoke nor drink.She neither knows nor cares what has happened to her ex-husband.They speak neither French nor German, but a curious mixture of the two.Something that is neither one thing nor the other is a mixture of things and not clearly one particular thing.The colour of my eyes is neither one thing nor the other - it's just a strange grey-blue mixture.Something that is neither here nor there is not important.It's essential that she has this medicine, and the cost is neither here nor there.

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