Meaning of NEITHER in English


I. determiner


me neither

I understood the running part, but it brought me neither honor nor status.

When he turns up, he ain't going to want me neither.

neither ... nor ...

I am neither a bailiff nor a tax-collector.

I neither can, nor wish to, exclude the media from these proceedings.

In all that time he had neither moved nor shown any interest in the rescue attempt.

It is neither an obsession nor a projection of his mind, although it certainly does compel him.

It was an incredible year, one in which the Suns were neither lucky nor good.

Once they had got over the first shock, neither Bridget nor Tracey seemed able to take her story entirely seriously.

The party and its leaders were defended neither by white nor blue-collar workers nor kolkhoz farmers.

neither fish nor fowl

We were caught between two generations, neither fish nor fowl.

Mr. Renton I disagree with my hon. Friend about the agencies being neither fish nor fowl nor good red herring.

The hovercraft has always suffered from the fact that it is neither fish nor fowl.

Yet officially we are demographically insignificant, neither fish nor fowl.

neither here nor there

Art was neither here nor there; money was the issue.

But that was neither here nor there.

Dinner half an hour earlier or later was neither here nor there.

She and Carolan had no children, but that was neither here nor there as an indication of matrimonial harmony nowadays.

Start worrying when we're neither here nor there.

That he was not in the category ordained by the Marketing Department for the evening was neither here nor there.

The cost would be borne by Grunte Accessories, but that was neither here nor there.

We are the holy ones, the voyagers, the people of the crossing, neither here nor there.

II. adverb




He neither knew nor cared who had been evicted from it and left destitute.

Typically, layoffs comb out the young, eager employees and leave behind the deadwood-in jobs they neither know nor want.

It was a bleak farewell. Neither knew if they would ever see each other again.

And it occurred to me that I neither knew how many the family owned nor how difficult mine would be to replace.

Woman awoke to see him coming. Neither knew what had happened.

He knew neither what to write nor how to write it.

Most neither know nor care, which makes it worse.

I neither knew nor cared whether my distress for him was based on love for a man or love for a patient.


The car purred on, the driver looking neither to left nor right, the picture of inscrutability.

She neither looked at him nor answered him.

He neither looked nor felt as awful as he deserved.

Stiarkoz slowly stood up, looking neither unsettled nor surprised.

In particular, we will neglect audiotex and fax-based publishing altogether since neither look like having a significant role in multimedia applications.


I neither understand nor share that view.

Dougal almost felt he was tampering with something he could neither understand nor control.


"I've never been to Australia." "No, neither have I."

The Cowboys won't be playing in the Superbowl this year, and neither will the Falcons.

Tom didn't believe a word she said, and neither did the police.


They may not have criticized the state, but neither did they praise it.

III. conjunction


If politics did not interest them, neither did they see it as affecting their lives.

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