Meaning of PROPERTY in English

(THINGS OWNED) [noun] - something or a number of things owned by someone, esp. buildings and landHe seems to have absolutely no respect for other people's property - he's already smashed up two cars belonging to other people. [U]Both books have 'property of Her Majesty's Government' stamped inside them. [U]The club does not accept responsibility for loss of or damage to club members' personal property. [U]The notice said 'Private Property, Keep Off.' [U]He owns some extremely valuable properties (= buildings or land) in the centre of London. [C]The property report showed that house prices had fallen by 1% last month.(formal or humorous) Yes, I've bought my own house - I'm now a man of property! [U](specialized) Property is also the legal right to own and use something.(US and ANZ) (UK) My boyfriend is in property (US and ANZ real estate) (= his job is related to buildings and land).A property developer is a person whose job involves buying and selling buildings and land, and arranging for new buildings to be built.

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